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Just my kind of blog! Thank you.
I haven't switched to a mesh viewer for one reason mostly. I REALLY need spell check. Once Firestorm is given Spellcheck I will switch over to it. Even though they plan to give Phoenix Mesh, it wont be a viable viewer for much longer. Spell check is the only reason I haven't already switched to Firestorm. As to actually BUYING mesh items. Unless its an accessory or none wearable, I wont be buying it. Not until if/when they ever get the no mod issue fixed or make it so it fits to your body and not your bones. I have enough issues with clothing as it is being a fur. I NEED to be able to mod my hair. There is no way I can wear any hair with out making adjustments to it. I don't even buy no mod hair now. My body shape is fixed to my personal preference and what I need as a fur. I would not want to change it just to fit into a gown. And unless you can layer alpha layers, just throwing one of those on is out as I already wear one on my legs.
I have an issue similar to this with phoenix. I blogged about it here Basically, turning on shadows took away some alphas, and messed up inworld photos even worse. I had just figured it was my system. is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 14, 2011