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Spot on what your assessment of the Sanders campaign & his surrogates! I used to be a huge fan of Bernie & the ppl who support him,but have been so utterly disappointed, in how they've conducted themselves & stooping to far right tactics,to gain relevance again, I doubt I'll be able to trust any of them, ever again. I'm revolted, at Tom Hartmans choice imagery,going into CT. The lack of awareness or any kind of respect,to the families of Newtown, is repugnant. I used to regard him as such a person of depth & understanding, but it's been evident over the last several months, his biases out weigh his reason & now, basic humanity. I wonder where this will end? Will Dems/Progressives finally be repulsed enough, by the blatant bullying, use of rw tactics & poor taste, this campaign has chosen to take & see they are hurting Democrats everywhere or will they take the turn,the GOP has & become lwnjs? I hope it's the latter,for the sake of our country & common deceny.
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Apr 24, 2016