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I would prefer BB but I use a computer at work and BB's new website won't let me add movies to my Q. They said to disable any spyware I might have but can't do that with a work computer. I can get in and look for movies but I just can't add them. Bummer. I liked the total access (had a friend of mine pick some movies for my trial.) Although the nearest BB is kind of out of the way I would probably get tired of going to the actual store and run out of movies to watch pretty quickly. So I'm back with Netflix and getting thottled the 1st day back.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2007 on Blockbuster Has 65,000 Titles at Hacking NetFlix
I haven't had any hassles from either but Blockbuster will send you special offers like 30 day free trial or 2 wk free trial to get you back once you been gone for over 10 months or so. I just rejoined Netflix yesterday morning and they've yet to ship my 1st movie out and it is now afternoon. (over 24 hours). I'm being throttled on my 1st day back.
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2007 on How Easy is it to Quit? at Hacking NetFlix