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Reminds me of the days just before June 67, when De Gaulle kept saying to the Israelis, "Don't strike first!" and the Israelis responded, "But then we'll be extinguished!" and De Gaulle was silent. Afterward De Gaulle described Jews as "this elite people, sure of themselves and domineering" and switched from supporting Israel to supporting the Arabs.
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Arab Muslim men have an inordinate fear of the female body and the terror/humiliation they experience with independent, "immodest" women fuels their rage which is so often expressed through rape. Hey! If you were circumcised at age twelve and saw a pretty woman in the two weeks after that, before you had healed, what would you feel? PAIN, that's what! Humiliating, debilitating pain you couldn't do anything about, pain you are experiencing through no fault of your own, because you got the chop at your parents' command. So naturally the unveiled woman must be at fault, right? OK, suppose only 5% of Muslim men have that reaction. But multiply that by the hundreds of Muslim men in a typical European banlieu and you have mass bonerphobia, n'est-ce pas?
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"We find that prekindergarten increases reading and mathematics skills at school entry, but also increases behavioral problems and reduces self-control. "
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The similarity with Communism, in my opinion, has to do with the fact that both systems are indeed liable to be "disinfected by sun light." ShrinkWrapped, the "sun light" that "disinfected" Communism wasn't just free speech or ideological failure but economic collapse. Enthusiasm for Communism had essentially vanished by 1970. However, the Party controlled all the mechanisms of power and raw material exports sufficed to keep things going longer. It was economic failure that compelled glasnost - the alternative would have been a return to Stalinism, and the Stalinist candidate, Romanov, lost his Politburo battle to Gorbachev. Then, after the failure to stop Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative at the Reykjavik summit, Gorbachev realized that the Soviet Union had reached maximum economic capacity - no more resources could be devoted to "Star Wars" weapons production without living standards falling below minimum levels. A more relevant analogy may be the fall of the Ottoman Empire. It was ideologically dead over a century before it finally fell. The final impetus that drove Ataturk and his men was the realization that the Ottomans were simply being outstripped economically by Europe and a fundamental reform was necessary: military rule was established and Islamic Law restricted. Today, however, many Muslim countries are supported by oil exports or foreign aid. To the subject populations, there are no obviously negative economic consequences, and the fruits of Western trade and Science are trumpeted as successes of current ideology. To keep things going some money flows into ideological development and the suppression (or drowning) of a free press and rational thought. In short, while these mild attempts at using "information flow" to open up these societies may be tolerated, the ruling regimes will find it easy to ensure that they won't make a real difference. Even if they start to work, we may not be granted the time for such a process to make a difference. Something more is needed.
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No, I disagree. Or at least this is an incomplete analysis. I recall reading the book MiG Pilot, the personal journey of Soviet defector Lt. Victor Belenko to the United States. Communism billed itself as a sort of anti-religion. Freed of the supernatureal "opium for the masses" Communism was supposed to produce New Soviet Man and create a workers' paradise. In this world that is, not the next one. So Communism was testable and it had clearly failed in the eyes of the people. Belenko saw this and defected. Finally, when push came to shove, troops decided not to fight for Communism and returned to their barracks. (I think only three people died in the Second Russian Revolution.) Islam promises rewards in the next world, not this one. The subjects of the Islamofascists know that their leaders are corrupt, but believe enough in the ideology to not oppose it, or even to quietly support it -- they just disagree with the methods, or don't like the idea that one tribal group or another is on top rather than themselves. The most ambitious try to become fascists themselves, and the most fanatic try to expand the Empire. Soviet ideology seventy years. Islam has existed for fourteen hundred years, much of the time in an expanding, colonialist form. Muslim intellectual progress, if measured by Western standards of creativity, ceased six hundred years ago, when it was determined that when thought and Islam conflict, Islam had the final say. Islamic tyranny of one sort or another has pretty much remained ever since. So to claim that Islamofascism could "magically" implode the way the Soviet Union did therefore appears to be utter hubris, does it not?
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Here is the tipping point: Do enjoy this recap: Oh beautiful for heroes proved -
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