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Lars Solunar
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People make such a big deal about stuff like this. I can't hardly believe Netflix stock dropped for this. In the future, once people really understand the real world impact, when crap like this goes down Starz (or equivalent) will that the stack hit. The truth is Starz probably can't afford losing this distributor. With cable and satellite on the decline every quarter companies that are add-on's to such systems are bound to suffer as well. If they intend to continue to compete they need to find new outlets. Anyone who is keeping track knows that those new outlets are the PS3 and the XBox and to a lesser extent boxes like Roku. If you can't get into one or both you are a marginal system. This is why HBO's online system is both silly and useless. People aren't going to the internet content providers so they can watch on their laptop. They want this stuff on their TV. It's an adapt or die situation now. What these older companies and investors fail to comprehend is how the internet is changing and who the real major players are. People overlook things like Netflix having a larger subscriber base than Comcast. Anyway, the day is coming when companies will be crawling to Netflix/Hulu/Microsoft/Sony(and maybe Google if that ever works out) to carry their channel. TL;DR - Starz is stupid. Netflix and others like it are the future of entertainment.
I can't see a reason that Apple would blow away anyone since they don't really compete. Is Apple planning a new subscription based unlimited content delivery? Because if they just plan on branding a TV with their logo and slapping some iOS nonsense in it then it isn't really competing in any way. Also, I agree with the ugly white TV comment. One last thing. Why would Samsung make Apple a TV? Apple is currently suing them. I can't imagine they would want to cooperate in any new contracts.
Once again they neglect to place Uverse on there chart. I would like to know where we lie.
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Jun 3, 2011