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No change for Blurays? That's fine, I never rent standard DVDs from Redbox anymore. I wonder what this will do for the coupon codes. Will they be worth $1.20 now? Meaning my Blurays will only cost 30 cents now?
I consider myself a heavy user of downloading files and such... Looking over the past 3 months of usage, my bandwidth has been 92GB, 134GB, and 132GB per month. Not anywhere close to the 250GB limit that Comcast has. These are at least reasonable bandwidth caps that I can justify. Hell... I'd gladly pay $10 for 50GB of bandwidth on an iPhone, as the current mobile bandwidth caps are unreasonable!
Well wireless providers are effectively crippling Netflix over 3G with the outrageous data prices. If you figure you have a iPad 3G, with a $25 for 2GB plan, you can only stream about 4 movies before you've reached your bandwidth limit. Essentially costing you over $6 per movie, not including the price of Netflix itself! If you want your movie watching on the go, it's still cheaper to rent through iTunes than it is to stream over 3G
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Feb 4, 2011
If Netflix wants to switch people over to a streaming only company, than they really need to put more recent releases on streaming. Right now the selection is horrible. Why do people want new releases? Because they've either seen the older stuff or have no interest in it.
More simplified link:
Finally! I've been wanting to see Undefeatable for a LONG time ever since seeing this fight scene.