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You think Trane (slogan: "Progressive Leadership That Delivers") might have taken the time to pick up a couple hundred "Plays Well With Others" green stamps by filling out the questionnaire the Progressive Democrats of Somerville aka "the PDSers" send out to candidates for state rep in contested races. But nooooooooo. Even if everyone in town knows the PDS endorsement is in the bag for Sciortino (the guy who lost his car keys) is in the bag, you think Big Bad Bob could go along with the charade, maybe showing up to the PDS meeting - it's not contagious - and see if he can score a couple of chutzpah points or whatever. Sciortino's responses are on the PDS website, along with the three candidates for the 35th as well. Unlike earlier years, there didn't appear to be any trick questions. I've have thought Trane could have taken the opportunity to focus his positions, I guess he's staying focused on the Scorched Earth approach he seems to be taking. Good luck with that fundraiser in July, though. The Cambriville record for most Pod People per square foot is bound to be broken that night.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2008 on Newstalk for June 25 at The Somerville News Blog