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Sondra Quinn
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My heart goes out to your family for your loss, while at the same time I celebrate the impact that I know he had on others. I was a college student when I volunteered one summer on the Mariposa Project, under the direction of your dad. The relaionships I developed during that summer will always be treasured memories, as well as the things I learned. When my asthma flared up from living in a colonia with dirt roads, your dad treated me in his office & then made arrangements for me to live on the Calexico side of the border so that my health would improve enough for me to fulfill my mission. I am sure that if you could see the "ripple effect" created by your dad, the ripples would not be in a pond, but in the ocean - so great was his mission in life.Know that without a doubt, all of us who were touched by your dad, are praying for your family now in this difficult time. I for one, am convinced that your dad is already organizing projects in heaven.
just when you think your problems are big, God shows you that there are other people out there with bigger things going on. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family as you go through this journey. But on the other hand ( & people have always told me I had a strange sense of humor ) , how many of the rest of us know that the end is coming & yet not be given time to prepare while at the same time not being given a estimated prognosis time...etc. I know what an emphasis you made in my life....when I only spent a summer with you. I can only imagine the footprint that you made on innumerable other's lives. I wish that I had had more time with my own parents (& grandparents) to be told of the stories of their lives, yet they were either taken away unexpectedly too soon , or their ability to communicate veiled by Alzehimers ( sp ? ). If your fingers get too tired of typing, drag out the tape recorder.....because these stories & thoughts will be all too precious to them to be lost forever. Sondra Quinn
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Mar 18, 2012
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Mar 18, 2012