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Big Island of Hawaii
A foodiesleuth from way back!
Interests: food, herb gardening, writing about food, love my digital camera....!
Recent Activity
I haven't posted in this blog in a long time...too much has happened...and now it's time to say a hui hou to Hawaii and my ohana of friends. When I first came to the island at the invitation of my... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
It was a little bit after 9 am, on the morning of July 23rd, 20 years ago today, and the fire department in Hilo received 17 calls in succession, one almost on top of the other, from some of our... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
(Watercolor of the Akaka Falls Inn by Wanda Boyer) E komo mai!...(Welcome!) At Akaka Falls Inn Cooking School we are committed to showcasing the best of our Island! We have combined our love of food, cooking, gardening and plants, and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
Our small Facebook Tea Group is having a 'Tea Party' today. since we're all scattered in different parts of the world, and there is a virus that is keeping us home, we're celebrating it virtually...each of us is hosting our... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
I have to laugh at times... many of the people I know think that because I love to cook, and with my background, I cook elaborate meals all the time... During these days of 'stay at home isolation' the comment... Continue reading
Posted Apr 16, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
We had a late breakfast today, so we skipped lunch and had an early dinner Our dinner last evening was breakfast of grits, eggs and bacon..when I make grits, I always make double, so that I can have leftovers..but I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
We're staying at home...hostages to a vicious virus... hopefully we are well stocked for a longer than 2 week siege...we also need to use up the bits and dregs left in jars, fridge drawers and fruit bins before things spoil...or... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
In one of the groups in which I'm a member the discussion topic a week or so ago was: ''We can't really avoid this topic. If it comes down to eating from our pantry staples, what are some of your... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
So much has happened since early this year,...way too much... and I have neglected to post...I will try to remedy that. Let's just say that things were already chaotic for us before the Covid-19 pandemic started knocking on our country's... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
I thought I had attended them all, but I have a lot of them missing...or can't find records for them. To read them click on each link, below the date. The Chinese New Year starts on the first evening of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2020 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
We're getting closer to the coming year's starting line... I don't make resolutions, because most of the time they're hard to keep...but I do make conscious efforts to do the things that will improve our life and our surrounds and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
At first we had planned a picnic by the bay as an early Christmas get-together with friends on Sunday 22nd...the weather was truly frightful and it didn't work out... so we finally decided to turn it into an 'indoor picnic'... Continue reading
Posted Dec 25, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
From April through September 2011 I participated as a blogger in a Home Farming Project sponsored by Nabisco / Triscuit Company at the Gather . com site. Some of my articles survived the cut when Gather was sold, some did... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
As a friend reminded me today... For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, For love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends. —Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Plans changed completely... Continue reading
Posted Nov 29, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
The day started slightly coolish but beautiful...and now it has turned out dreary and wet... Making a pot of soup with chicken, potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, Moluccan spinach, mustard microgreens, and cachucha peppers... I might add noodles just before it's... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
That time of year again...Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Recycling this post, because it never gets old! (Originally published in the Hamakua Times newspaper - Honoka'a, HI) Do you usually feel like you’re completely overwhelmed when it comes to getting ready... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
This is one of my columns that first appeared in the Hamakua Times of Honoka'a about 8 or 9 years ago...and I feel that it is still fact, maybe more so now... For many years I have been standing... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
...and the year is zooming by me at maximum speed! Cooler nights call for completely different menu than my usual light, tropical food...I want to replicate some of the dishes I've tried in the past and will share several in... Continue reading
Posted Sep 23, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
My sister Sandra and cousin Sandy decided to host a party for their 'family pod' living in this area of NE Florida during my visit here...the party was yesterday. Sandra is still going through boxes and stuff after her move... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
This article was originally published in the Hamakua Times of Honoka'a (August 2011 issue) The mango season has me singing a song that originated in my birth island of Cuba. The original song words use ‘mambo’ instead of mango…and ‘que... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
Sorry about my finger in the pic... Friends from the mainland are visiting our island from Oregon...they've been staying on the Kona side but came over to join us for a picnic at Leleiwi Beach Park yesterday. Friends Galyn &... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
A very low key 4th celebration at our house... Setting the table The cloth is a picnic quilt my sister made for us. The side shown is the underside. The red & white napkins have a tropical design. White bistro... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
Meet my friend from my hometown in Cuba, Luis Pedraja. A fun story...our 'Cubans in Exile world is sooo small... This is the story of how two people born in Cienfuegos, Cuba...many years apart... (one living in Hawai'i and the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
There is a little bit of interest in my cookbooks in one particular group on Facebook...and several members have asked for information. The info I shared a couple of years ago on this blog is already outdated (as far as... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii
Decadent...but absolutely delicious! This recipe will yield 8 servings, but it can be cut by half, or doubled, for a larger crowd. Stuffed French Toast 1 (8 ounces) whipped cream cheese 1 Tablespoon brown sugar 3 teaspoons cinnamon, divided 1... Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2019 at Sonia Tastes Hawaii