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Greetings, everyone. Some of us may feel a tad funny about being so attracted to Neytiri because she's fictional. It's the real attributes this very attractive character represents, I think, that grabs us. Well, since the story is visual, she IS physically very attractive..and on every level. I expected to enjoy AVATAR when I saw it the first time. Five showings later,(can't rule out a #6) even I feel surprised at how compelling this movie is. This is a great love story and I agree with all the above post, especially with 'Neytirifanboy'. Jake and Neytiri blow through unimaginable barriers and circumstances to find each other. As the Na'vi say...they truly 'SEE' one another. It was so heart warming to see how Neytiri warms to Jake. He is a 'blue knight'. He's ernest and dedicated and it spoke to her. Once Neytiri opened her heart to Jake, she gave it all. From the mountain banshee's layer to craddling Jake in her arms when he was moments away from death inside the pod, she displayed a dedicated love that touched a nerve deep in so many of us. Cameron said he planned this story to be told in two or three installments. I can't wait for AVATAR 2...and hopefully a definite "3". There was Romeo and Julliet. Now, there is Jake and Neytiri
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Jan 25, 2010
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Jan 25, 2010