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I don't "want it to fail". I did just test it again though, after initially testing and refunding in 2017, and I'm reposting my Reddit comment today as I think it's relevant - plus I came across a quote from here which I really like and used;-) ref: Honestly, after uninstalling EDO in disgust (after 1000+ hours in ED/EDO, 10+ Bill cr) and trying SC the last few days, they are both underwhelming and dissappointing. SC definitely is the better "space experience" of the two but its perpetual alpha is a clunky twitchy bug ridden mess no matter how you spin it (IT'S AN ALPHA!!! yes, we know thanks, like EDO is). Maybe in a few years they'll both live up to the vision, but for now uninstall/refund. I'm skeptical either will be able to deliver a solid engaging working end product (you know, NOT AN ALPHA/BETA), and that torch will belong to someone else who knows how to balance community wants/needs with tightly scoped project management and design/tech skills. Let's see where we are with both in a years time. I know I'll get burned in hellfire by the SC diehards for saying the above (Thanks for the downvotes kids!;-) but, while I loved aspects of it, as a developer I can't believe that's all there is after $350+ mill since 2011 when they started cutting code (and I include 3.14 in that). It's a massive case study in loss of focus and juggling too many balls - but maybe that was the plan all "The game-ification of crowdfunding, as described by Roberts, if you will."ref: We'll see in a couple more years! What's really fascinating to me, after participating in the EDO disaster, is how invested some players can become in totally broken games (whatever the official dev status is supposed to be). Hopium is a powerful drug! At the moment, they both look like benchmark game industry case studies in snatching defeat from the jaws of Victory, by different paths. Which is pretty sad, because with all the resources & history they both have at their disposal, they should both be riding high with quality working released products by now - with actual roadmaps they can deliver on.
Funny they're now pivoting to B2B comms, as I said as much last year;-) "High Fidelity has a fixed amount of runway left in its budget before it is unable to sustain itself. And Philip believes he can’t get the plane in the air by then with the current business model of serving content creators in the model of his original vision: an open and growing metaverse. The one thing High Fidelity does quite well however is facilitate group communication in virtual spaces, like the town hall meetings they (used) to hold weekly. While there are numerous problems on other aspects of the platform, this particular part has worked well, generally. And has potentially profitable application for group (especially business-to-business) communication. They’ve decided to shift away from community content creator focus, and instead are beginning to do some R&D as they investigate the potential for using the technology in virtual world meeting spaces."
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Apr 14, 2019