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This paper is full of threats that will become concrete action if the government "fails to reason." But we have not been told exactly what CATTU will do so that we will know if they carried out their promises. Try and you will see! The question is: and I will see what? We are tired of hot air. The Biya regime is used to people peddling empty threats. Lets be a bit more ingenous.
This sounds like a good initiative. Unfortunately what is on paper is often significantly different from what obtains in the field especially in Cameroon where corruption is enthroned. After a prestigious professional training in the UK, I have been blessed with a good job here. Yet I'll prefer to return home if I was sure my skills will be appreciated and rewarded. But with no "connections" at home everyone has advised that returning could as well be the worst mistake of my life. You get the point?
It should be accepted that degrees do not necessarily tell how potent a man may be in meeting the needs of his position, but they are a good indication and should be celebrated. We congratulate these three Anglophones who have struggled to shine in a country where meritocracy has been crucified.
What is the pope coming to do here? His predecessor was here, he did nothing except make the country poorer as it cost much to receive and host him let alone the amount of money and goods he took back. They recognise Biya as pope of Cameroon so it will be foolish for anyone to expect him to tell Biya to step down. Can he himself step down if Biya asked him to? Please let him come and eat his share and go in peace. We shall continue to survive.
A good piece of writing, I would say.