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Sophia Basta
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Thank you kindly for the info. and your thoughts, it is much appreciated as I'm very open minded and like to get different opinions and methods, and knowledge before I draw conclusions. I try to gather as much knowledge as I can and then incorporate it into my studies. Since I have great respect for your insights and knowledge, I decided to take the chance to ask. I thank you Sophia
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Hi Robert having followed your thread and insights for a while now and having learned some valuable info. I'm quite delighted you touched on the subject of SR's. Now there seems to be some controversy over aimed SR's. Celeste Teal is strongly against it, she says that the moment you return to your place of residence the return for the place of residence takes over. She has set out to prove this using my SR chart for Aug.19 1997 where I spent my Birthday in Corfu Greece, compared to the one for Ottawa, Cananda where I reside. That year in Oct. I met a man from Buffalo N.Y. I won't go into details but it was a fairytale romance, we got engaged by Christmas and in Feb. 1998 went to Greece to celebrate Valentines. That evening Feb.14 he suddenly died of a massive heart attack. Celeste published both charts the SR for Greece and the SR for Ottawa Canada. The one for Ottawa where I reside tells the story. So I'm not sure about Aimed SR's. Like Celeste says you can run but you can't hide. I would be interested on your opinion and your thoughts since I am a student of Astrology and every bit of info. is valuable to me. Thank you.
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Mar 30, 2012