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John. I'd recommend you listen to frank wilczek in krista tippet's podcast On Being. He talks about complimentarity. Where two opposites can both be fundamental truths. Frank recommends thinking about a problem using one lense at a time. In your case, friction and then flow. He says it's impossible to think of both at the same time. I have been thinking about similar conflicts where 2 things are opposite but hold true. A way of dealing with this is to find a higher vision that joins both narratives, a holistic statement. A vision where both sides come together. 'Life' 'wellbeing' - those sorts of concepts. Another way of thinking of the problem is Einstein's theory of relativity. Moving while staying still Another way is thinking about flows and friction in the brain. The wider the axons (info flow) the smaller the space for computing (thinking). Humans have a larger computing to axon size ratio. Meaning we are designed to value computing over quick reaction. It also makes the different parts of our brain more segregated. So maybe friction is western society and flow is eastern? I love systems thinking!
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Oct 28, 2016