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Our 3 1/2 month old, Kai, is teething. We're both exhausted. This morning I felt like nothing would make me feel better, and then I climbed onto my husbands lap while he was working on his laptop and he moved everything aside (even though he has a huge deadline) and held me in his arms and told me how much he loves me and that I'm his baby. it was SO sweet. it made my whole body relax and feel better! I'm not good at expressing my needs... I always want to please everyone, especially those I love. It just shows that it's really not that hard, especially with practice. Today proved that I can act on my needs/wants and it really isn't that scary! :)
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I've been dreaming SO vividly for the past YEAR. Since I got pregnant actually. I remember during my pregnancy having the most elaborate, adventurous dreams: running through the woods and finding myself in a stream, having to swim through it and finally ending up on a cliff looking down on the stream I just swam through. I remember being EXHAUSTED when i'd wake up because the dreams were so real and dramatic. I still dream this way. I enjoy sharing my dreams with my husband or writing them down first thing when I wake up so I remember it clearly, but damn, will I ever get a break? Did anyone else's dreams increase in intensity when they got pregnant/have a newborn?
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where's Kai!!?!?!?! :(
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Dec 5, 2010