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wife, mother, sister, daughter; yogini, grad student
Interests: knitting, yoga, reading, montessori, playing outside
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I'm starting to feel like these tiles signify something centered and home-like, and I've never ever been there.
Sharon, thank for the explanation - I wondered if it had something to do with the surgery. This isn't the venue to discuss it, but of course I am curious about the yoga implications of linea alba.
I would love to hear the backstory behind this. The juxtaposition of images is fascinating.
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Jan 11, 2011
I really, really like the tile/poinsettia juxtaposition. Wonderful observation.
it will be interesting to see if the format has any effect on your choice of subjects or storytelling. I eagerly await.
I like this format, Sharon! The greater width is a nice variation and creates a different kind of diptych (sp?)
Very timely post, Lianne! Yesterday, I found myself really struggling to get myself going, get to work, start doing *something*. No drive whatsoever. Then I decided to stop struggling, and just stay home and let go of everything, for those few hours; I realized that what I really needed then was to let myself be attentive, and be *with* myself (not merely *by* myself). I like your interpretation of becalmed, and the sure sense that at some point, the wind will blow again.
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Mar 15, 2010
for some reason I find this one ridiculously funny. Why can't people remember to do something simple? and even if I find it funny, I think this would drive me nuts, leg room or not.