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Dirk Sorensby
Hotter than Bill Gates and Smarter then Brad Pitt
Interests: Poetry, Paris, and other stuff but that's all you need for now
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Yes all true. But, if you only knew how much worse it gets, how profoundly terrible it is, you wake up from one of the hundreds of these "days melding together," but this time - out of nowhere, you're old. Nobody is honestly, physically attracted to you anymore. Nobody is chasing you for love, sex, or a family. You can see the end, and know there's no-longer much time to push fears back into - no longer possible to convince yourself that there's enough time left to complete the plan, or make it work, or make up for, wake up for, no hope for dreams no more. I had times like yours and they were hard; and without a pause or warning bell, I was suddenly old; if you think these days are hard, wait until you arrive at this hell.
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IT seems only limiting to me, that we wish for development to have a standard model like MVC. I guess in if we don't mind leaving our imaginations out of it, then it would be nice to nail down a concept like MVC; we could go about our development with confidence that the correct approach was taken and professional job was done. This way we don't have to toil over figuring out a tailor made model for each new application we build. By trying to define best development strategy in terms of some fundamental model like this MVC, I believe we impose great and unnecessarily restriction upon the possibilities. Perhaps views should be smarter and control more static? Maybe I want to alter your model with my app's view? Perhaps I need my controller to be dynamically generated based on the nature of your view. Now your view would serve as my solution's model and promote my controller into service as a view. Maybe this smart, on-time view of mine could now model for some other app's controls. Perhaps we could come up with a new way to aggregate application functionality regardless of API or even in the absence of one. But, no such fun is likely to happen, if we've accepted a restricting "best standard" for our work to feel professional.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on Understanding Model-View-Controller at Coding Horror
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