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And, Zahm...written just like a former school board member...are you going to crack me with your ruler, next? This is a blog, pal, and thank God I'm not picking up my Nobel Peace Prize this week or you'd have the Allied Forces after Thee Rye Dissident. Spammer? Do I sound like a peddler of canned meats? All bow down to the Great Firewall of Rye!
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2010 on Pamela on Purchase: STOP Sign Poetry at didn't approve of my cinquain? We didn't see one from you did we? But, Average Citizen's can't write or think...they just try to block the dissident. Rye = China?
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2010 on Pamela on Purchase: STOP Sign Poetry at
Stop Be Alert In Your Dreams Asleep, Awake, Lucid Dream Rye Girl and Thee Love of My Lucid Dreams
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2010 on Pamela on Purchase: STOP Sign Poetry at
Many good times at Rye Grill and can read about such times, as well as those at Ruby's, The Pub, and all the beach clubs...such naughty people in Rye.
Keeping Rye affordable? Yikes. Thee highest taxes in Westchester and the platform is "keep Rye affordable?" For whom? How about, make Rye affordable again, and invest in infrastructure like, can we get a sidewalk for God's sake? And, how about that restaurant answer...whew, what a politician! And the grading? B-, A-, A-, A, B-. Sounds like the town's just fine so far, though for someone so "motivated" maybe straight A+s are the goal. How about infusing some cultural and ethnic diversity programs, especially in the schools? Cross cultural programs with schools in, say, Africa? South America?
Youth officers? What is this, 1932 Berlin? For some very revealing stories about Rye's night life...log on to Rye's newest, hottest blog.
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Nov 25, 2010