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"Tom said: The real reason: Nicole had just been dumped by Hollywood's box office king Tom Cruise, everybody felt terrible about it and they wanted to give her a crown of her own, crafted of academy gold." Man dude, stop trying to claim your opinion as fact. It's really starting to turn me off to your blog. Especially now that there are soo many other competing Oscar watch sites out there. I still think your the best of the lot but please...ton down the hyperbole.
Ohh, for some reason I though I had posted a blog here before but I guess I havent. Well, here I first typepad blog. Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2009 at Nicholas's blog
Elena, I never knew you were a minister. Wow! re: your question. Just staring at LGBTIQQ scares me to death. LOL. I actually like your suggestion though. Well, the queer community part of it. Do we have to acronyms out of everything? We are such a lazy culture. tt4n.
That's a great question Gabriel. Unfortunately, we did not get to asking him that question. Since we were there representing the Stonewall Club, we kept our questions specific to our club's mission statement and the LGBT community. I'd be more then happy to call his office up tomorrow and get an answer for you though. Stay tuned...
Still pimping Hudson's subpar performance from the MJ special, eh? It's interesting what a lack of cultural understanding will achieve. Most people walked away from that special saying that Mr. Wonder and Jermaine Jackson gave the best performance yet here we are---again. O'Neil showing a total lack of appreciation for live performance. At least qualify your statements as hyperbole.
While I haven't seen the film I can't but feel frustrated that the African American community didn't unify behind Eve's Bayou like they are for Precious. Kasi Lemmon's film IMHO is the best film made by an African American yet because it didn't deal with urban issues it wasn't harolded like Precious or Do The Right Thing or Boys In The Hood.
First class post! Think of this article the next time you consider posting one of your emotional fueled hyperbole rant as fact posts. :hugs:
Oh Tom, I enjoy you best without the hyperbole.
Not a big deal to be the overall winner? In what bizzaro-world? Leno was the overall winner and now that Letterman is, all of a sudden we are going to change the measuring stick?
Uhh, I guess you missed Stevie Wonder's performance cause IMHO hid medley is Americas equivalent of Elton John's Candle in the Wind.
Ughh, this band gives me a headache just thinking about them.
If Oscar couldn't get it right and ignored Bjork's tour de force, I doubt Gainsbourg will succeed. Which is a shame because, despite the claims of misogyny, Trier has a way with eliciting phenomenal performances from his leading ladies (see Emily Watson and Nicole Kidman as other examples).