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HMMM I think there is a 80hp an 45tq difference for the DODGE 1500 5.7L an weight about 1500 less for the dodge .... dont think the F150 is gonna out do the DODGE with 80hp less an 45tq less an weights 1500 pounds more .... THINK u have it all wrong I'm shure this isnt about who can go faster up a PASS ? <<<<< REALLY STUPID ...... BURT ?
DAVID ? cant wait till they bring back the 460 to replace the P.O.S. 6.8 V10 <<<<< Your kidding right ? 460 is a POS COMPARED to the 3v V10 . I have 3v v10 F250 LARIAT and owned a 460 XLT EXT CAB . The 3v V10 is far SUPERIOR in everyway POSSIBLE than the 460 .... WoW some PEOPLE on HERE .....
I have worked with all 3 major HD trucks there all towin MONSTORS ... Thats a nice color on that truck I like it .....
It looks like a nice lookin truck . BUT ????? u show this POWER WAGON an I have never seen one ever in my area ... I have already seen A HAND FULL of Ford RAPTORS since its RELEASE ..... Truck of the year should be somewhat based on SALES to dont u think and put at least 25,000 to 50,000 miles on a truck before u make it KING !!!!!! not 100 miles ....
LMFAO !!!!! Ford is this Ford is that ford had this Problem Ford had that Problem They out SELL all of GM an DODGE .... your not changin anyones mind about goin GM or DODGE PFFF..... They all have had there PROBLEMS ... ONLY REASON DODGE SELLS HD TRUCKS cause of the CUMMINS MOTOR an u know it ... AN ONLY people that buy GM IS the DIEHARD BOWTIE BOYS ... Capability lmao They all do the same things ... EVEN my 2006 v10 can do the same as your Little diesels ... an yes I have driven all 4 makes ....There all the same
WOW so many HATERS ...... On what FORD makes themselves ..... Sad GMJUNK an DODGECRAP can't make there own ENGINES or TRANNIES .... The HATERS always flock to the REAL NEWS ....... So whos got the PURE TRUCK NOW ?
Seriously u all tell me what truck u would like to be In at a TIME u needed it most at just about any Obstacle in your way ? Raptor 150% NO ? asked !!!!!! 0-60 times are OVERRATED !!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 2, 2009