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Tomkow, how are you understanding the idea that we are "owed compensation" in the state of nature? If someone coerces me in the state of nature to drop my apple, in what sense do they owe me compensation?
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2012 on The Retributive Theory of Property at
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Magnificent stuff. I think this conclusion can be reached from a number of angles, but this one is about as good as any--with the possible exception of Nietzsche. The conclusion at any rate is decidedly Nietzschean, as one commenter noted. And while it's possible that that commenter has been reading too much Nietzsche, I'm not sure that you, Tomkow, have been reading enough. First, not to credit Nietzsche with the basic idea is a minor omission. But the idea that Nietzsche didn't understand that governments can be good things partly because they protect people from lynch mobs and bullies because he liked bullies is pretty silly. I realize it's just a response to a response, but may I just recommend, in case you haven't done so, reading Nietzsche's major works carefully (and/or Bernard Reginster's excellent interpretation of his overarching project, The Affirmation of Life). Thanks again for a great post. If only the average article in professional philosophy journals were half as good as this.
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2012 on A Few Short Steps to the Gallows at
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