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Nice finishes by Peterson and Bunbury
Agree! No where in Europe would you find a young player getting major minutes on national teams without getting significant minutes for his club side, This is bizarre!!
What has Bunbury done to deserve you luv? Stole your girl? Messsed with your wife? Give it a rest! The kid was the in the top 5 in the mls for goals per minute with at least 1000 minutes of playing time. He has the most goals in a 2 year span from the 2010 superdraft. Find me another mls player that has scored 18 goals in all competition in his 1st 2 years after the superdraft/academy. Jk has him in the top 4 in his pool. Yet you post your nonsense concerning his game. You keep pimping the Euro players. Do you have any idea what the 3rd and 4th division is in Germany? Most of the competition can't wait to go to the pubs after a game. Yes, it's important that guys like Boyd and Wooten are kept on the radar, but they haven't done s*** on any credible level. So stop the hate and appreciate!
Shea will be there!
Fortunately, I was able to watch the game with a British commentator calling the game. He gave high praises to Bunbury's game, especially in the 1st half.
You are lacking football knowledge. Football is about capitalizing on the other team's mistakes.
Shea and Bunbury stood out in that clip. I particularly like Bunbury's finish.
Excellent post!
You got this twisted! Based on performance, Bunbury has 12 goals in all competition, which includes 2 playoff goal. In contrast, Agudelo is a bench player and Wooten and Boyd play in in the reserve league. Yes, he found himself on the bench behind Sapong, but regained his form and position down the stretch. I am amazed at the negativety toward the kid. Is he still growing as a player? Hell yeah!! I chalenge you and others to go back to the past 4 years of any GA players career and compare it to what Bunbury has accomplished. I think it's useless to compare his to Boyd's and Wooten's unless you feel that the u-23 league is better than the mls.
That's your opinion, but he is the only CF going to the Senior camp. Again, my post is related to Boyd-who by all account is a good player-being penciled ahead Bunbury on the U-23 squad.
That's faulty logic. Bunbury plays regularly as a 1st teamer and lead his team to the playoffs. He gets a great opportunity to start in the upcoming friendlies. yet, after getting reports from one source-btw thanks for the reports Ives-Boyd (playing in a reserve league) is better than Bunbury.
So, let me get this straight. Bunbury, who is on the senior team and has a two-year connection with Porter is going to be let off the the team? Brilliant!
Agree! BB was starting to get "it" when he brought LD off the bench during the GC. If we are talking about the here and now, LD is a progress stopper. By the way, so is Buddle.
Sapong is not eligible for the Olympic squad.
It's difficult to ask a coach to game plan around just one player. However, Bunbury showed his strengths in that game. He is simply not a back to the goal player. If the mids keep feeding him through-balls, he will destroy the opponents defense.
Cool it w/Sapong. He has 3 goals in over 1600 minutes.
Agree! He is directly responsible for Bunbury's sudden lack of form. Competition is good, but you don't draft a player that plays the same position as your potential breakout star. It doesn't work in other sports.
Agree about Smith's nomadic club life. However, this seams to be a Vermes related issue. Smith has clashed with Vermes on several occasions. My sense is Vermes struggles with managing his better players such Bunbury and Smith.
Bunbury is still top notch. He is very polished, but struggles with his touch. He needs to find the right formula re: ball control and he will be ok.
Totally agree. I would love to see Teal play with quality players that can utilize his talents.
I consider Bunbury to be a really good talent. However, the lack of service hamper his development.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on SBI MLS Spotlight: Teal Bunbury at Soccer By Ives
Bunbury's goals were clinical. This kid is the real deal, unfortunately, most prefer the others.
Agree! The hype is no different than in other sports. Before his injury, Bunbury was getting the hype, now it's Juan's turn. After the SA game Mix was getting the hype. The beat goes on. Agudelo is certainly a talent, but he never broke the opponents defense down on or off the ball. Does he belong on the senior team? Yes! Is he the most talented striker in the pool? Let's wait and see.
You are wrong about Jozy being miles ahead of the wonder twins. Jaun has flare and Teal has burst, Jozy has neither.