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Yes, remember what happened during Katrina. Remember to evacuate the next time you are told to. Remember your elected officials who declined the offers from Amtrack and bus companies who offered to help you BEFORE the storm. Remember to have hurricane supplies available to you for 3 days, instead of looting within hours of flooding. Remember what happened to those who didn't take heed to the warnings. Remember those who sacrificed THEIR lives because you did not heed warnings. Remember to hold those elected officials of your state who dropped the ball, next time election day comes up. I have. I've been through the 1994 flood. A storm that didn't even have a name. I remember Allison. My best friend was 8 1/2 mo. pregnant at the time. Another person who I knew was the one who was killed when the retaining wall broke in the underground parking lot and left a perfect imprint of her body in the elevator when she tried to escape. She as well, didn't heed the warning not to try and leave, but to stay put in the high rise building. Yes, PLEASE remember.