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I'm so glad to have found this blog! I remember seeing a photo essay on called something like "Images of America". They showed every grotesque part of our society - poverty, gun-toting hicks, extreme Christian evangelicals, etc. I e-mailed of the person to whom this collection was credited. I asked her why she didn't visit any middle-class, middle-American communities where most of us live. I also asked if a photo essay of the scummiest sections of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, and deepest darkest Sachsen or Brandenburg (you know, the places where all the young men shave their heads and wear Lonsdale) would be a fair depiction of "Images of Germany". Since I speak German, I invited her to my town in Wisconsin to try to offer an alternative to the cliched. Funny, she didn't write back. It seems for most German "journalists" stationed in America, if they're not in the tony parts of NYC or DC they're looking for where "Deliverance" was filmed. Revolting.