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Like Parangaricutirimicuaro. That's a town name in Purepecha, I believe. In Michoacán. Only Mexicans can say it. And quickly.
Hey! I never thought about it, we Mexicans are kind of bilingual. Spanish and Nahuatl and perhaps some other Mexican native languages. In fact, Mexican customs and immigration officials can tell a Mexican from other Hispanics by asking them to speak out loud these words. (Foreigners can't).
Sure, so now you English speakers can pronounce Chipotle better than Spanish speakers? (or so I read somewhere above?) Maybe, but not better than Mexicans. Spanish speakers from other countries like Argentina, Colombia, Perú, will have problems reading Cuauhtemoc, Popocatepetl, Chipotle, Ixtaccihuatl, but not Mexicans. These words in Nahuatl and their pronunciations are native to us. Many of you who claim that can pronounce Chipotle correctly, in fact, can't.
It's the other way around. The tuna anglers are a problem for the sea lions.
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Feb 28, 2011