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I'm more inclined to agree with Harris. While invoking TVTropes' Mighty Whitey led the discussion down a tangent which you rightly point out has cultural details that differ from the situation in Breaking Bad, there is still a subset of the trope that is at work here. Last Samurai and Avatar do have the cultural element of the hero going native and teaching them in their own ways, it's true. But in cases like comics' Iron Fist, or G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes (and Avatar's Jake), we also see a lot of white protagonists who are inexplicably better than nonwhite people. Whether this is explicitly tied to some facet of white culture that made them superior or not, the imagery of the native practitioners of an art being in awe of or jealous about the white hero's skills in their domain, be it fictional kung fu or meth chemistry, seems to me a common thread with Breaking Bad.
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Computer Engineer with a major in Japanese Lit. who sometimes writes about media issues in comics and video games who visits this blog because I am effectively film crit. illiterate and like the visual rhetoric breakdowns. Plus, it's very accessible to me since you use popular examples that are fresh in my mind like Batman and Mad Men-- I don't have to go watch a movie I'd hate just to observe what it's doing technically.
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So I'll agree with you that KOFXII was not done. I'm coming in to XIII as someone who picked up the previous iteration at full price. I wouldn't say that KOF's relationship with the Super meter is all that simple: there's still Drive Cancel, Hyperdrive activation, Hyperdrive Cancel, etc. In any case, KOFXIII is definitely an improvement and worthy entry to the series. Most of my issues with it are personal preference and not inherent flaws in the game.
"I do not recommend buying Third Strike Online, especially not at $15" "I think $15 is fine for the offline component" The offline component costs $15, the broken-ass online component comes free.
Shitty online in these DLC re-release games is my pet peeve (Contra, DOOM), so I never thought I'd post in defense of a game with it. You seriously don't think $15 is a reasonable price to pay for the offline component? I don't own PS2 sticks, have to worry about HD lag, and so on. $15 is a bargain to put aside that hassle and let me use the sticks I have, and not have to deal with putting a disc in. Even if ranked gets to the quality of GGPO, I won't give a shit; I don't consider GGPO to be acceptable in the first place for serious 3S play. TL;DR version: For once, I don't care that online is broken, even if Online Edition is in the title. This is Third Strike, Arcade Perfect without the Bullshit Bugs and Console Idiosyncrasies Edition.
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