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Nah, I'm too nervous to be wandering around the streets of an unfamiliar city with whatever combination of selfie stick and Steadicam he's using - it'd be like carrying around a PLEASE ROB ME sign on a pole. Love those videos, though.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2023 on Italia '23 part tre: Palermo at Spank The Monkey
Shine On You Crazy Diamond was a late addition. We've seen Christy a few times, thought it'd be nice to have a tune of his on the list, dug through his back catalogue on Spotify, and that was the first time we found out he'd recorded a cover. There's a lot of Floyd in my teenage years, so it got around the problem of us not having been at the one gig they've played since 2001. As for Cybill, she did a cabaret show years ago at the Pizza Express in Soho. We think it was a fun night, more for her personality than her singing.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2023 on The Civil List at Spank The Monkey
Huw - That's a tricky one at the moment - most of the bars are largely operating on the street, with not much going on in the indoor space where you'd normally keep a telly. Based on our trip there last weekend, the only one we saw that had the football on was Craft Beer Junction. (You can see it in the picture on if you squint really hard.)
Well, it's a solution to my track 18 problem, but it's a very confusing one.
Oh, that's a nice touch - I saw he was narrating, didn't spot that he was in it too. And, as you probably know, Chuck himself is serving behind the bar.
Yeah, sorry about that: I liked the visual style, but the song really didn't do it for me. In my defence, I'd suggest that the BAA is a major part of this country's animation scene, and there should be more than just one internet rando writing reviews of the films in the Public Choice section - why isn't anyone else doing this? Anyway, here's the link again so the rest of you can judge for yourselves.
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2021 on British Animation Awards 2020 at Spank The Monkey
The BBG has pointed out that I forgot to mention one of the highlights of Japan Matsuri Presents. Minyo Crusaders are a band that performs old Japanese folk songs, but in the musical styles of every country in the world other than Japan.
As you can imagine, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2020 is looking rather different from the 2019 edition. For one thing, it's all online so you don't even need to go to Sheffield any more.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2020 on Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 at Spank The Monkey
This'll blow your mind: scroll down any amount from the top of any page, and watch out for the blue arrows that appear at the bottom left and bottom right corners...
Ah, balls, it's closed again.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2019 on BrewDogging #24 v2: Angel at Spank The Monkey
Kat - Full maps of the Mile do exist out there - like this one - but our thinking was that it's far too big and rapidly-changing nowadays for a single map to cover it sensibly. That's why we've chosen to plot a series of individual maps between one bar and the next - click on the distance figures above to pull those up.
Press release from uBrew, dated yesterday. So it wasn't *exactly* a refurb, then...
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2019 on uBrew [CLOSED] at The Bermondsey Beer Mile
Warren - My guess would be that most of them will be closed - a lot of them don't open on Mondays anyway, and it wouldn't make much difference whether it was a Bank Holiday or not. Bear in mind a lot of these places are working breweries first, bars second, and they like to take holidays too! Still, each bar is a separate case and will have their own plans. Probably best to check their individual websites and associated social media feeds and see what their plans are.
Luke - Thanks for letting us know. I've put a placeholder on this page for the new bar, and we'll pop round to review it at some point in the near future. Best of luck to them/you (delete as appropriate).
Well, this doesn't look good.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2019 on The Bottle Shop [CLOSED] at The Bermondsey Beer Mile
Clemmie - hope you're happy with the compromise of keeping Bone Daddies in here, but making it clearer it's a restaurant rather than a brewery or bar. Don't forget to eat, readers!
Sam - I think Hawkes would be your best bet: their upstairs room with big telly did a roaring trade during the World Cup last year, and it looks like they're planning to do the same with the rugby. The version of this comment I posted earlier today concluded with this sentence: "As far as I know, the only other bar on the Mile that's ever shown an interest in televised sport is London Calling Sweden, though I suspect that would only be useful here if Sweden suddenly became one of the Six Nations." Well, my apologies to the Swedes, because it looks like they're showing it too.
Cassius - To give each of your points the attention it deserves: - There was a mix-up on our part between 98 Druid Street (the old home of The Kernel) and 118 Druid Street (currently home of Anspach & Hobday). That's now been corrected in the post. -
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2018 on Fourpure at The Bermondsey Beer Mile
James (assuming you're both the same James) - Yes, we've checked you out this month and liked what we saw. Post has been updated accordingly.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2018 on The Barrel Project at The Bermondsey Beer Mile
IanD - Noted, thank you. We've updated the post to say so.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2018 on Hiver at The Bermondsey Beer Mile
Richard - We're on it, thanks! See new Cloudwater post as of 28/12/2018.
Rebecca - Yes, quite a few of the bars are open on multiple nights. Because all of them open on Saturday, and that's the traditional day when people do Beer Mile tours, we initially decided to just give the opening times for that day. We've now updated the pages to indicate which bars are open on other days of the week. Be sure to check with the bars themselves, though, as they do sometimes change their times without updating their websites (or without telling us, the self-obsessed rotters).
Sensible answer: they'd have put us on different flights. Stupid answer: one of us on the inside of the helicopter, one on the outside.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2018 on Get To Da Choppah at Spank The Monkey