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Speaking from a land beyond an ocean, over a mountain-range and over a sea... A land that sings.
Interests: Zachary Quinto, Star Wars, God, dancing, handiwork, diverse cultures and traditions
Recent Activity
YESSS!!!! They're showing MARGIN CALL here as well! I was so afraid they wouldn't, as the movie isn't a blockbuster and all, but they will!!! It airs on the 28th of October, and I'm definitely going to see it. I'll... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
Maybe I am, Lindsay ;) :D
QUESTION TIME! 1. What is your name? Laura 2. What is your online name? SparklingDragonfly 3. Where are you from? Riga, Latvia 4. What do you look like? Petite, shapely, long dark hair, blue-grey eyes 5. Who inspires you? People... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
As does most of the things he says or does. He's amazing. In the world of celebrities who are so full of themselves, Zachary always thinks first and then acts, and he thinks of others. You just can't help loving the man! :)
Hi all! I'm reading the news in our local press and I can barely believe my eyes! They're writing about Zachary 'coming out'. Not that it was a surprise for me, this announcement, as I spent yesterday here in the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
That's an inspiring read :) I'll try to remember at least some of it when I someday get to having and, more importantly, raising my own children. Thank you for sharing :)
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2011 on No title at Zachary Quinto
You are SO lucky! And I'm so happy for you! :) And you really made that scarf?
Take courage and keep faith in love! I can only say I'm also happy you didn't jump... And even more to know that Zachary had something very good to do with that. There will always be those who'll love you no matter who or what you are, just because you are! *hugs*
Thank you so much for your heartwarming birthday wishes! Steffi- happy belated birthday to you too! I hope you had a truly wonderful day. I had a pretty tough day at work, followed by a looooongish meeting, and a little... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
Ghosts! 1. What town would you love to take a ghost tour of? I've never taken a 'ghost thour', so I have no preferences. I'd love to try one out, though! 2. Do you believe that the Coliseum in Rome... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
I've never had anything like that. maybe someday when I get near something that has hot drinkable chocolate and those little things :)
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2011 on No title at Zachary Quinto
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Hello hello hello! My hectic summer's over, and I'm finally able to reconnect with the virtual world. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to be back here, among you and in Zachary's world!!! I do... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
Oh dear... I can only imagine the stress and terror you have to live in. Tha heart, and stay safe! I'm praying for you and those dear to you!
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on No title at Zachary Quinto
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And we love you, Zachary!
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I'll be thinking very hard on sending those excess rainclouds your way, Lindsay! @Lili Orellana - thank you for the song! It did make me smile. Hmmm.... Maybe I should indeed try to sing and dance in the rain? :)
Helloo there! Nice seeing you again. Has anybody been lucky enough to get one of the ZQ signed LUCID issues? I swear I feel something inside me die a little each time I see him post that invitation on Facebook....... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
Thank you for listening. Feels better if I can share.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2011 on No title at Zachary Quinto
SparklingDragonfly added a photo at Zachary Quinto
SeazTheDay Quiz 1) Greek or Roman Mythology? Greek. Has more taste and originality about it, and I like the way the gods' names sound. Actually, I tend to prefer the original thing. 2) Dancing or Singing? Both. Preferably at the same time. But I sometimes have this need for singing. And almost always this need to dance. 3) Watching or Doing? Hmmmm.... Yesterday I realized that it's watching. Unless I'm very sure of what I'm doing - then I simply can't stand aside. 4) Exclusive club or Worst-kept secret? Exclusive club. If two best friends have told me something, I won't relate ir even to the other one. And my boyfriend never hears of the things I know unless it isn't a secret. 5) Well-intentioned idiot or Devious genius? Usually that idiot, I'm afraid....
May 8, 2011
SparklingDragonfly added a photo at Zachary Quinto
Ta-da-da-dam! And we've reached the 2900! Congratulations, community! And welcome, Marie! Oh. Good m/a/e everyone :)
May 8, 2011
Oh... OH!
Toggle Commented May 8, 2011 on No title at Zachary Quinto
Oh, you made me remember how much I've been missing watching this show. Waiting for Zachary to inhabit Sylar or Gabriel, to bring them to life...
Toggle Commented May 7, 2011 on ZachQuintoC2 at Zachary Quinto
SparklingDragonfly added a photo at Zachary Quinto
Happy birthday, Schnippie! This one's for you ;)
May 7, 2011
SparklingDragonfly added a photo at Zachary Quinto
Hello ZQC! I had a wonderful time dancing in the Netherlands and Germany! Sadly, I was nowhere near Frankfurt, maybe some other time, Steffi! Here's a pic of me and some French knights in a Medieval festival in Germany, Viersen. What have I missed? I saw Zachary thanking people on Facebook for congrats. What's the occasion?
May 7, 2011