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Went to the same high-end retail store to demo some new watches. Wore same outfit both times. Visit #1: Wore no watch - waited 10 minutes for salesperson to acknowledge me. They finished a phone call 15 minutes away from me and walked away from me mid-demo to help another customer with a refund. After the demo I have to ask for product info. Vist #2: Wore Breitling watch. Two salespeople immediately jockey for my attention. The winner immediately introduces himself and acts as if we are old buddies. I try on several different watches with the salesperson's full attention while other customers wait their turn. When I am done, the salesperson offers to e-mail me detailed product information and photos (including a photo of the watches on my wrist) with no further follow-up unless I want to proceed. He then escorts me to the exit.
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Dec 20, 2012