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I am many things to many people, I want to add one more: Patchwork Creator
Interests: My family and friends, my sewing machine, fabric shops, Etsy, reading patchwork and quilting magazines
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I seem to have acquired two blogs somehow, so have decided to stick to the one I had first, as that 's the one I told my friends about. it is on Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2011 at quiltedhappiness
Interesting!, I now seem to have gone from no blogging idea, to two blogs in less than a week! I like the lay out of this site, but I have a feeling it's not free so I may get stuffed. And now which one do I write on? Anyway, on to today...What a lovely afternoon I spent, three hours piecing together many many different colours of bunting. Unfortunately, that also meant that the dishes were not done from lunchtime, I hadn't done any of my planned correspondance and I had hardly eaten any lunch. This brings me to one of my biggest concerns, now that my youngest is about to start school on friday, I am very concerned that I may never eat again. Until, the munchie monsters drag me away from my machine and I eat a whole packet of biscuits. (which I did today and had planned to hide the evidence but then forgot in my rush to get the kids, buggar!) I am considering resorting to making myself a packed lunch when I make the kids ones in the morning. Does anyone else put their sewing beyond their personal health? Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2011 at quiltedhappiness
Hi, I'm Suzy. I am going to start this blog right in the middle of something. I was trying to write a message to Lucy@Attic 24 and consequently have ended up here! So Lucy, if you get this, please can you help me out! I have been looking for blogs from people passionate about patchwork and quilting etc. I just stumbled on yours and pretty much stopped reading it at the shoes sentence,as I straight away thought 'I like her. That sounds like my kind of mother!' I will go back and read more later as I like the look of your blog. I wrote the same kind of thing on my facebook page a couple of days ago, titled 'which part of shopping for school shoes for and with three children the day before school starts, did I think I would enjoy!' Aside from that business, I am trying to learn how to write blogs and connect with fellow crafters and ultimately learn how to sell my items online. I am an utter novice, so you may never even get this. if you do, it's nice to meet you! Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2011 at quiltedhappiness
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Sep 13, 2011
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