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I didn't even realize it was a movie; looks like I'll pass on it. Also "Footprints of God" is a book I'd recommend if you haven't read it yet.
@spirit_makto Have you read "The Celestine Prophecy"? It's a story about finding a connection with nature, and living at an advanced conscienceness.
Has anybody bought a DVD/Blu-Ray lately? I've noticed that the amount of plastic used in the case is significantly smaller. It's good to see that companies are cutting down on the amount of unnecessary packaging. Good economics and eco-friendly.
Check out some of NASA's planet hunting... I've taken a couple astronomy classes, and my latest professor (who worked on the discovery of the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy) said that he thinks we will find an Earth-like planed in the next ten years! There's even traces of water on the moon, so maybe life bearing planets are more prevalent than we think.
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Jan 20, 2010
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The Na'vi are real. They live in our hearts and minds.
Jan 20, 2010
Haha, three people answered the same question while I was typing.
This melted my brain a little bit. I've come across something like this in a book I read awhile back. It's crazy that it can manifest itself in interstellar communication. @Sblais- The ship was travelling at 70% the speed of light. I think there's some relativity thing where the ship's travel time is less than the time passed on Earth. Plus you have to add the time it takes to accelerate and decelerate to that speed.
As a sports fan, I can't wait for this. But given the fact that I'm a poor college student, I'll have to wait. 3DTV prices will drop eventually, just as HDTV prices have.
Welcome to the show. I'm kind of in your boat in that I've never joined a blog site like this, but I felt connected to what everyone was saying, so I thought I'd jump in. It's hard to figure out how to fix the world, but the first step is to share ideas. That's what this site does.
Great article. It inspires me to think about if/when we find another life harboring planet, what will that life look like? Could it evolve similarly to life on Earth, or could it be something completely incomprehensible to us?
Nice bro! It's a good school, beautiful campus, shitty football team.
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Represent! I'm in Boulder actually... CU
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The 303... Denver @Sparrow, Don't forget the mountain time zone!
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With your reasoning it is possible. But there are many things in human culture that don't translate to Na'vi culture. Just like there is/was no word for 'lie' in the Na'vi language, there may be no word for 'homosexual'.
Damn bro, I like what you wrote. It's hard to find people that are striving for change, but are willing to do so without an agenda.
I thought about this when I was sitting in class today... Is Pandora just another incarnation of the American Dream? In the past, immigrants wanted to come to America because they heard it was a place where dreams come true.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2010 at AVATAR
I have searched across the internet for a better synopsis of Avatar, and I finally found it. Thank you!
Should it? Absolutely. Will it? Hopefully... but whether it does or does not, it will still be the movie that DEFINED 2009/2010. For that reason I believe it would be a shame if it didn't win best picture. 1977- Star Wars came out and defined movies for an era. "Annie Hall" won best picture that year (WHAT!?). I hope something like that doesn't happen again.
If you read the original script, it includes some extra things not seen in the final cut. There was a part where Jake is eating some sort of bug with Neytiri, and he thinks it's bomb.
The Avatar blog post just posed that as a thought question. No way could Avatar work as a TV series. Purchasing the rights to show a movie on cable is common practice in media. It's only now that we follow this kind of stuff; because we're so involved with everything Avatar.