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Spencer Roberts
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Interesting - nice link between the scriptures, thanks for that Glenn. So, you asked, "Will the world notice that Redeemed Humanity, the people of God, are living even now on the earth? Can anyone tell that the earth is, so to speak, under new management?" Great question, I ask myself that all the time. I would have to say in general, my current observation is, "Probably not". Too often Christians not only behave just like the world, but "the world" finds it even worse when they profess to be different - hence the constant accusation of hypocrisy. I like your exposition of the concept of shrewdness, and I really believe that is the biblical application of the term. But not all shrewdness is goodness. I guess that's what I'm getting at - the notion that "sometimes we have to hurt one group to help another" and "ends-justifies-the-means" thinking that shrewdness otherwise might imply. I find that form of shrewdness un-Christian. Anyway, here's to bringing Heaven to Earth!
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Jun 9, 2010