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Of course, Starz may be thinking "Hey...we could stream our content from our own website...and also make a deal with ROKU for a monthly 'all you can eat' package. That way we keep all the money for ourselves." This is where Netflix and Roku (& Tv manufacturers with streaming capabilities) may find conflicting interest.
Hmmm...maybe there's too much demand for Lost, because Netflix appears to be down right now: "Netflix Site Error We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below." Click the button, same message.
Does netflix do a 'new releases' list for their Watch Now movies?
I watched "Let the Right One In", Definately a recommended flick, even for those who need closed-captioning (it's subtitled). Watch the original before the US version comes out.
I'd be nice if there was a Blackberry app....