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Finally--something other than PS3 with 5.1 sound! I personally love my Apple TV and use it for Netflix as well as rentals from iTunes--and now too. This is a great update to ATV!
I like choice and the more the better. Not so sure I would ever warm up to a Facebook movie service but I love Amazon and use it quite a bit as well as Apple TV--and now that Apple has pushed out Netflix 5.1, ATV will be my streamer of choice for Netflix.
Well considering I haven't gotten a new release Netflix Blu Ray title in two weeks--all Long or Very Long Wait--I guess for me this change will have no effect.
My take on this is that Netflix doesn't really sell a subscription per say--more a monthly fee that is automatically charged to Netflix members. Sso my way of thinking is there is nothing to buy within the app for Netflix service. But of course this is just my interpretation.
My luck with new releases has been horrible lately. I have 9 new titles with long or very long wait applied to them--I ended up with Devil as my last Blu Ray--the first one without a wait. I have somewhat given up with some of them and gone with Vudu, Apple TV, or Amazon Video on Demand for new titles to stream--then if I really like it, I'll buy the Blu Ray from Amazon.
My vote would be to partner with Amazon--I think they are headed in the right direction, and have the best chance of success in the future.
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Feb 19, 2011