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...and now here's Splash, with your Rick Watch hourly update! So I'm watching the parade on DVR delay here, and Cokie Roberts is gushing about Rick, about how he's "grown," about how he's taken down all the "anti-gay stuff" from his website. How he's "going to be able to bring a lot of evangelicals into the tent" for the Democrats. Exaaactly. My wife popped her head into the room at that line and went, "What?! The Purpose Driven Life guy scrubbed his website for these people?!" (She's beautiful when she's pissed!) The ABC moment was all part of a larger discussion about the glorious pluralism of Barack's America -- with a quick detour to the days of the Founders "who were largely deists," of course.
Sweet! I'm open to the possibilities. But be forewarned, I just found your boy on YouTube saying "you need more than faith" to be saved. (Let's see ya squirm yer way outta that one!) I assume he was riffing on the faith-without-works passage, but ouch... (These things are bound to happen when you earn your pastoral credentials with boxtops.) Sadly, this YouTube video also comes with a cheesy soundtrack of the Emperor's March from Star Wars, so please don't force me to use it. I probably look like a spazzy Bible-thumper enough already.
My point on Warren at the Forum is that as a leader of Christians, it's his job as a proclaimer of the gospel to proactively, explicitly influence the body of Christ, which apparently is us. Yes, if all he represents is a national moderator of American churchism, his unbiased performance at the Forum was acceptably functional. But I personally know of Christians who were confused about how to vote on Obama. This type of person interpreted Warren's warmth and lack of condemnation AS AN ENDORSEMENT of the man. That is Rick Warren's failure. And the failure of the vast majority of our spiritual leaders this go around. How can you dispute this? P.S. Dude... Nothing about the inauguration was awesome. Even the faithful were bugging out early. Looked like Dodger Stadium in the sixth inning. And the prayer I heard from the Rickster played pretty much to the crowd -- heavy on the "thank God we can elect a black man," light on tying to impress our new leader with the importance of following biblical principles. (But hey, he had the boldness to say "Jesus!" In multiple languages!) Clearly you have a Seinfeldian non-sexual crush on the man. :-)
Man. Did we see the same Saddleback forum? Unless they edited it for TV, I thought Warren was set dressing. He had them both in the crosshairs and totally failed to press either on the issues. It was three and out on everything. What, he gets points for tastefully, oh so gingerly bringing up abortion in the most neutral, Tom Brokaw-esqe way? Can you imagine Spurgeon or even Billy Graham letting "above my pay grade" go without lowering the boom, let alone a follow up? And he could have done so in a kindly manner. But those are the times we live in, and I fully believe Pastor Rick did the bare minimum out of fear of cheesing his relationship/status. D James Kennedy never got invited to stuff like that because he wasn't one to kiss ass or fret over burned bridges. And we wonder why church-goin' folk flocked to the most radically Left candidate this country has ever seen. Rick Warren would have earned my undying respect if he had come out publicly and urged people to stand for righteousness against the man who has vowed, at a bare minimum, to "correct" the anti-abortion direction of the Supreme Court. The Church (Protestant, anyway) was all but silent this election season. And as a perceived leader of this drive-up institution we call the American Church, Rick Warren did nothing but smiling photo ops with "my friend" Barack Obama. He wussed out IMHO. Maybe out of good intentions in a naive hope he'll influence Obama down the road (think Bill Clinton and Tony Campolo, who was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn Bill was gettin' jiggy with it in the Oval Office after all their heart-to-hearts). But that's not Warren's call to make as proclaimer of a gospel that used to get its leaders thrown not to the MSM but the lions. I'll take your word for it, but I'm telling ya, something significant doesn't pass the smell test.
Good point, Camilo. Boneman, I'm not sure I follow what you're saying your dilemma is (or maybe will be?) regarding your sons' education. It almost sounds like you're saying they lack peers in their Classical Christian school? (If so, I can only say I went to one and never lacked.) Seems to me you have peers regardless of your situation, unless you're literally chained in a cellar somewhere. Heck, my 16-year-old sister has been home schooled since kindergarten and is by far the most social, uber-fashionable, popular and shockingly well-grounded of the five of us. Surely you're not saying you'd play three-in-the-chamber Russian Roulette by putting them in a superior public school just because they'd have a bigger lot to run with and choose from. Seems like that would be the opposite of smart given Gladwell's point. I don't think that's what you're saying, but I'm not sure. To sum up, if I may go Zen for a moment, peers are. Better to favor the first things first IMHO.
Maybe I'm too hard on Warren. He's got a great sense of the "true religion is caring for widows/orphans" aspect of the faith. But I don't know... I just get this negative, "something's amiss" vibe every time he pops up. Like I said in the comments on my blog: Rick Warren strikes me as "a real nice guy who likes to remind you of what a real nice guy he is. Because how else can we reach people with the gospel of nice guy Jesus Christ, right? He can feed all the poor people he wants, but if he can't even hold the line on sexual morality in the face of a hostile public, he's just a younger version of Robert Schuller." I guess that's the only way I can put it. Though I daresay he's a more godly man than I regardless of my spiritual Spidey Sense on the matter.
Completely off topic, but (while we're staying tuned) have you heard the latest on Rick Warren?
More bad news... So apparently it also makes us dumber.
Sugar doesn't kill people. Bad parents kill people. We just gave our 2 year old daughter her first drink of soda (or pop, as we say up here). We wouldn't have except for the fact it was Julmust, a Swedish Christmas drink that takes me back to the old country (lived there two years) and, since it tastes like crap to the uninitiated, requires starting young. Anyway, she was addicted instantly. We had to pull it out of her hands. Scary. But Eric's right. You'd be lucky to get sugar in your soda these days.
Awesome... And I want a church where I can not only bring my coffee into the sanctu--sorry, 'auditorium' but I can BUY that coffee in the narth--I mean, 'lobby'! Wait. I already go to that church apparently. We just unveiled plans for our new 'worship center' with one of those Java Jesus type deals built right in. Now, once we convince the pastoral staff to go ahead and deliver the Saltines and grape juice directly into our mouths for us, at our seats, we shall be free. (Also those seats could be beanbags. With cup holders.)
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2008 on American Evangelicalism Exposed at The Boneman
No, I was only saying the devil could use the same argument, existing as he does "in the details" of creed and doctrine and whatnot. (I'm just messing with you anyway, Theisens. I think we both appreciate Brett's overall point here.)
"I don't think that's a question we can or should be asking." ...said the devil as he cackled gleefully and forked another gobsmacked Methodist in the hinders. Though I think Brett is right on with this post, particularly with: "faith is simple and should not be overly complicated with theological nuance."
Crap. So you're saying the Xbox 360 with 'Gears of War 2' is a bad idea? I slapped a pink bow on it and everything.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2008 on Husbands beware! at The Boneman
Black Liberation Theology -- close enough for government work! No, point taken. I suppose Hitler technically could have been a Christian too. I mean, he certainly wasn't Mormon.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2008 on Is Barack Obama a Christian? at The Boneman
Right on. ...Though I seem to remember something about fleeing to the hills when you see the Obamanation that causes taxation standing in the Oval of Offices.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2008 on I'm still postmillenial at The Boneman
Great post, Boneman. I'm right there with you. I've been blogging up a tsunami over at the Wavelegth myself. ( I've never looked forward to a November showdown like I have this. I can't shake the feeling Ann Coulter may have it right -- that the huge percentage of undecideds still in play is due largely to people not wanting to sound racist even to pollsters. It doesn't easily compute any other way. I mean, this is the most polarized election yet. How could we have, in some polls, double digits worth of people who haven't backed a horse in this race by now?? Either way, it's gonna be exciting. Just to be safe, I'm pulling our McCain-bumper-stickered car around back tomorrow. If Obie wan Kenyobi somehow goes down tomorrow, there will be riots and blood in the streets.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2008 on Why I'm Voting for McCain... at The Boneman
The degree to which traditional media has covered the tracks of a man who can only be described until recently as a pure Marxist is astounding. Rivaled only by the staggering naivete of Christians willing to stand with him. It really comes down to the failure of both public and Christian schools to truly teach the nation's founding principles, economic and otherwise. Shallow Christians shrug off Obama's radical abortion/infanticide voting record because -- more in keeping with Buddhism than biblical Christianity -- they've bought into the lie that war a sin, or at least equal to abortion. They raise their WWJD wristbands as some rationale for backing a Marxist "redistribution of wealth" (Obama's actual words in a Chicago radio interview - check my blog for the link), while failing to realize taxation is theft, or legalized plunder as Frederick Bastiat called it. (If you're saying "Frederick who??" at this point, I rest my case.) "...But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime." – Bastiat, The Law Last I checked, there was a commandment against stealing. Last I checked, sacrificing children to Molech was a major sin, and backing the king who promotes it makes you worthy of divine wrath. It blows me away that while Europe and even Canada (which just reelected a center-right government) is shifting right, we're about to play Russian Roulette with the most radical Leftist government we've ever seen. And I count the votes for even a great man like Chuck Baldwin equally culpable for an Obama win as those cast directly. (Third party is a fine idea in the off-season as a drive toward the future, but on Tuesday, it's empty petulance.) [Rant mode OFF.] Be sure to check out Victor Davis Hanson on "The End of Journalism," too. And prove to me where he's wrong on a single point. Link:
Awesome. Thanks. I'll pass it on.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2008 on What is dispensationalism? at The Boneman
What a gyp. I don't see a Harley anywhere in that picture. Though the net is a nice touch! Very, very cool, my friend. Thanks for the reminder of what a real man I'm not. I did kill a gopher once. (I think. Felt pretty fatal going under my tire the way he did, anyway.)
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2008 on My first hog... at The Boneman
We had a similar experience at Spokane's Episcopalian cathedral a few months back. Talk about fish out of water. But, some very serious issues aside, we found much there which is painfully lacking at our local church... (And pretty much every church we've attended.) Like, oh, I don't know, real reverence... Genuine appreciation of the majesty of God... Respect for the act of worship... Engagement on the part of worshipers beyond the collection plate... I could go on, but it's too depressing.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2008 on How I ended up at Mass last Sunday... at The Boneman
'Iron Man' was a bit of alright, wasn't it? Best movie this year so far by far. Can't wait to see Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes for Guy Ritchie. 'Dark Knight' looks beyond good, if the early reviews are on the mark. They're talking Oscar, and not just for the technical aspects. Trying to keep my expectations low, but it's not working.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2008 on Movie Dad's 2008 Review at The Boneman
Nah, I fully take your word for it. Apart from the credits I mentioned, most of Walden's titles are too maudlin for me to bother with. I'd probably give 'Spiderwick Chronicles' a spin before that anyway. (Seen that one yet?) But while we're on the subject, I notice from our Facebook Flixter compatibility test, you're "not interested" in giving 'The Notebook' a chance? You've gotta give it a shot. Make it movie night in with the wife. Just bring a few hankies for the last few minutes of the film.
Interesting to read your take on 'Terabithia.' (Here on the near one-year anniversary of this post.) I haven't seen it, but this was produced by billionaire, conservative, Presbyterian Phil Anschutz's Walden Media ('Narnia', 'Amazing Grace,' 'I am David' and the in-development 'Screwtape Letters'). So I'm kinda surprised, given that Walden specializes in book-to-film productions -- though they're reportedly branching out now -- usually of a "faith-affirming" nature. Then again, they somehow also produced the crappy, enviro-hippie "Hoot," too. And despite calls for him to do so, Anschutz has inexplicably so far refused to take the gloves off and fund any openly right-wing, patriotic, pro-military projects to counter all the 'Lions for Lambs' programming out there. So who knows what's really going on with them.
For all yore salvation and salvation accessories! Awesome. You're even better looking than Boomhauer in his Speedos.