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Want to know where they get this euthanasia stuff from? Here is Brian Suss man on K S F O in San Francisco on Aug 7, 2009 "Some call him Dr. Easy Kill Emanuel." (I'm reminded of Bill O'Reilly calling Dr. Tiller, Dr. Killer) He goes on. "Your dad whose suffering from the dementia? Your mom whose got the Alzheimer's? Guys like Dr. Emanuel want to kill them! I guess it would be called a mercy killing back in the 30's in Germany. This is what they want to do to our people! That Down Syndrome baby? I've got news for you. There will be amniocentesis when the child is in the womb and when they find out that kid's got Down Syndrome or some other life long ailment, oh they'll put an end to that life in no time flat. Is this what you want?" Listen. Http://
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2009 on They Will Take Us All Down at Whiskey Fire
I heard an interesting line on LIBERAL talk radio the other day. 'It would be great if Obama really was the one that the right wing says he is." "He wants to socialize medicine!" (Bring it on!) They think he is a liberal who is going to take their guns. "Don't Take Away Our Guns! We Need Them So We Can Shoot You!" The power of lobbyists and the stupid discourse in the media are connected. I don't know how many people realize just how many messages are created by PR/lobbyist firms that then show up in the media. Those stupid distractions about health care don't make themselves up. They are helped. There are professionals whose job it is to figure out what will scare people about change. "Grandma will become soylent green!" Someone at a PR firm started the seed of that with their research, "Seniors and their caregivers worry about death, how can we exploit that?" "NRA worries about people taking their guns. The census is finding people's address. Therefore do a story about the government using the census to find out who has guns so that the government can come to your door and take your guns." And the saddest part is that these people who do this often don't believe it themselves. Like in the movie "Thank you for Smoking" they are are just doing their job. They don't think of themselves as evil. But they pitch it to true believers and 'transmitters' as David Neiwart says. If the system worked they would have the media calling bullsh*t on it and they would have other educated people saying, "You can't be serious?" I know what I'm talking about. If you knew how many PR/lobbyist firms were responsible for the messages in each story in the NY Times, Post or Tribune you would be appalled. Point to a story and I'll tell you who pitched it, who created the messages for the industry and which experts were quoted to give it credibility.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on The Decadent Phase of Stupid at Whiskey Fire
Good for you! Check out “Leverage,” a drama on TNT,"The series devotes itself to the deflation of fat cats who have stolen, burned, bribed, defrauded: capitalist victimizers who are pierced each week by the slings and arrows of a band of independent hackers, thieves and grifters suddenly bound together to rectify the wrongs of economic disparity." It's goofy at times but the cons and strategies are interesting to note. Same goes for Burn Notice. Learning the concepts and execution is useful for the burned, bribed, defrauded amongst us.