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Three brilliant lessons Erin. I was thinking I might not agree with repetition point, as it sometimes leads to boredom, but after reading point two I totally got it. As for white space -- the space that lies between the sell -- might be another way to look at it. In proper TV there is a new trend now where less dialog is more. Nice stuff here! Steve at whatstheidea
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Wonderful point. Dreams are just dreams...until you make them happen. Thanks for the twitter follow, hacked or not! Nice game by Kershaw yesterday.
David, 2 points. 1. The problem with a lot of start-ups is they are often followers. They see a company innovate and want to "draft" with some new bells and whistles. The inventor start-ups are the type of companies agencies need to be more like. Not the drafters. 2. Like punk rockers who make it big, get too comfortable and lose their anger mojo, start-ups can fall prey to success and lose their heat and passion. Can you say MySpace? Those who raise $150M and eat Kobe sliders at South By are clogging their arteries and the innovation pipeline. Apple being an exception. Agencies have to find new ways to sell more, to more, more often at higher margins. Thankfully there are a lot of new ways to do that today -- if they lay off the Kobe sliders.
David, I especially agree with point 2. In the future, social media departments at large corporations will have on staff writers, photographers, videographers, data analysts, VO people and production editors. Maybe even musicians. Gonna be fun.
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Dec 16, 2009