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Bitton Spore
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I've became the 67th CSWP in Israel last week. I'm currently unemployed - learning for the advanced CSWP exams and spending around 8-10 hours per day learning sheet metal, simulation, mold design and PDM enterprise. I've decided an year ago, when I first saw SolidWorks, that I'll do whatever it takes to become a CSWE (so far, not one CSWE is listed in Israel) and I think I'm doing great so far ! I have enough free time to come and cover the conference with a decent English (almost native, not to advanced to foreigns to read and understand). I love spending time learning SolidWorks functionality and techniques - and I think I have what it takes to cover this conference over the web on blogs, facebook, twitter, myspace and even on CAD and tech related sites. In the SolidWorks 2011 Conference in Israel I saw all of those engineers using SolidWorks without CSWP and I want to make an awareness towards companies requiring CSWP for hiring. I would love to win this contest as it would save me a lot of expenses, after all, it's $1400 for two way ticket from Israel to New York and might reach up to $1800 to Austin, Texas and I think that's says enough. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck for everyone !
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Oct 25, 2010