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I created this page a year and a half ago, and there may be more new information since then. However, the first question that came to mind is how can all that be going on and the medical establishment continues to ignore it. Are the lives of these children not more important to them than that? The preservation of not admitting liability, is that important?
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2011 on I Am Josh. A Boy After His MMR. at AGE OF AUTISM
The story of the harm the MMR vaccine has done is all to typical. Nothing is enough. When the CDC funded powers that be can create bogus studies to claim no link, then the children and families are left with no recourse. The NVCA federal court then mirrors the effect of those said studies. In fact it is all smoke and mirrors. A well done evaluation of those studies. They new long before the MMR was created that live vaccines should be separated. The vaccine and even high claimed level herd immunity failures have been many for both measles and mumps, as well as pertussis. The CDC refuses to face those facts, only further fear mongering that it was the lack of vaccination. How is that even possible, with the actually low level of vaccine exemptions existing? Dr Andrew Wakefield, the truth. Supporting Studies. The fact is that biomedical treatment does work and has greatly improved the conditions of now countless children with autism. They are simply healing the damage and detoxing the vaccines. What happens? The standard medical arena turns a blind eye to that as well. People must quite obviously educate themselves from the unbiased sources and think for themselves as to these issues.
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2011 on I Am Josh. A Boy After His MMR. at AGE OF AUTISM
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Apr 3, 2011