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Mar 15, 2010
Larry, Sorry I didn't check the comments sooner. I'm too busy to get around to the blog more than once a week these days. The things you say are fair enough; you ended up in the crosshairs of my comment when I was really making a larger point about the state of financial help books. But consider this, if your book is positive and encouraging, why put that title on it? It puts off a reader like me, who might enjoy the book if I ever actually read it. And it leads me back to my initial question, which was "when did readers get so masochistic?" Why do people pick up a book that promises to call them stupid? That's really what I was getting at. I don't think I said the book would be a waste of time to read; I simply said I was put off by the title and wouldn't bother to read it. Anyway, I wouldn't want anyone to mistake this post for a review of the book, which it clearly isn't. I'm simply musing about the style of discourse in our field. You have to admit that a casual book shopper could easily think you'd gone over to the "dark side," even if that impression would be mistaken.