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Steve, I couldn't agree more. Your observation actually became evident to me about 25 years ago. I was on a PCNY panel in which I stated that, according to our database records, the gender makeup in the PR industry was approximately 65-70% female, the balance male. There was an immediate reaction from the audience of about 100 people. A female reporter stood up citing industry association figures of the exact opposite. She claimed to be employed by a well-known PR newsletter (who later denied that fact to me). I responded that our figures come from real interactions with real PR people and therefore I was standing behind my numbers. After some investigation on my part, I later discovered that the figures she was quoting came from a well-known PR association. After some more behind-the-scenes investigation, I was secretly told that the figures were taken randomly from the association member directory - which at the time contained more males than today. It's our job to follow the PR industry and its people closely. It's more evident than ever that the PR industry is clearly skewed more toward one gender than another. Survival and relevance as an industry and a seat at the table, requires that more needs to be done to create a gender balance in PR - just like the real world.
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