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Pal2Pal (Sara)
Temecula, CA
An independent woman with an active and curious mind. A libertarian pragmatist with an attitude, and sometimes a wink
Interests: chicago, read, archeology, the color purple, college, meg ryan, toby keith, nelson demille, tom clancy, james patterson, competition, politics, fish, fleetwood mac, compliments, hall monitor types, had 2 babies, more technical training, one adopted<br> <b>do you drink (alcohol):</b> holidays and celebrations<br> <b>do you smoke:</b> when i drink. <br> <b>favorite outdoor activities:</b> my backyard pond with fish and turtles, camping<br> <b>favorite indoor activities:</b> blogging and reading<br> <b>favorite colors:</b> red, white and blue, okay sea green and rose<br> <b>favorite type of music:</b> folk and anything with a hard driving back beat, dixieland jazz, neil diamond, bob seegar, all folk groups, still have my aunt's antique auto harp and my ukulele from high school folk music parties.<br> <b>one pillow or two:</b> three.<br> <b>croutons or bacon bits:</b> croutons <br> <b>favorite salad dressing: </b>chunky blue cheese<br> <b>have you ever ha, too afraid of getting caught when i was younger, unless they are moonbats and "stuck on stupid"<br> <b>as a child, i love to decorate<br> <b>favorite board/card game: </b>texas hold'em, football <br> <b>least favorite sport to watch:</b> wrestling<br> <b>most humiliating moment:</b> biting into a sandwich and having my front tooth fall out on my plate in front of a first date.<br> <b>do you have any siblings: </b>no, i'm an only child.<br> <b>do you get along with your parents:</b> my father died when i was 13 while he was still in his forties, have trouble sleeping, once asleep have even more trouble waking up again.<br> <b>what is your good time of day:</b> sunset and after. <br> <b>favorite perfume or cologne:</b> none. most make me sneeze. <br> <b>favorite scent of candle:</b> vanilla<br> <b>favorite flower/plant:, james michener, tombstone with val kilmer, no mercy.<br> <b>interesting fact about your childhood:</b> i could swim before i could walk.<br> <b>how many rings before you answer the phone:</b> that depends on where i am, take long hot bubble baths.<br> <b>things that make you feel good:</b> back and foot rubs, getting a rise out of pompous asses.<br> <b>things you don't like:</b> idiots, barbara boxer & nancy pelosi, or any other frustrated hall monitor elitist metrosexual types.<br> <b>worst feeling in the world:</b> becoming an orphan (no matter how old you are this is a hard one).<br> <b>best feeling in the world:</b> being in love; finding something you thought yo, but i collect teddy bears just because they're cute. <br> <b>did you have imaginary friends or a blanket as a child:</b> no, unless you count the characters in books.<br> <b>what is on the walls of your room:</b> my mother's artwork, pressed in my memory book, what would you choose: </b>the ability to talk to the "other side" or time travel.<br> <b>favorite quotes/lyrics/poems:</b> i am, dirty dancing, ponds, ghost, nascar (what can i say, i like fast cars and the roar of the engines), turtles and pets of all kinds. mountains, lakes and river rafting. anything to do with space exploration.<br><br> i don't like: pain, control freaks, liberal & academic elitists. i'd like to see child molesters and wife beaters shot on sight, got married, technical training, more college in new degree program, pennsylvania<br> <b>marital status:</b> divorced after 32 years.<br> <b>how many children:</b> two, ragtime, rock-a-billy rock 'n' roll<br> <b>favorite musical groups/performers:</b> elvis, van halen, alan jackson, eric clapton <br> <b>favorite soundtracks:</b> "love at the greek" by neil diamond, patetique by beethoven; soundtrack from the movie "chicago" <br> <b>favorite song at the moment:</b>???<br> <b>what's in your home cd/cassette player right now:</b> big tiny little (ragtime piano)<br> <b>what's in you car cd/cassette pla, clapton "unplugged." mostly i listen to talk radio in the car.<br> <b>do you play an instrument:</b> not really. just gave my keyboard to my granddaughter, wouldn't freak everyone out now that i'm older.<br> <b>do you make fun of people:</b> no, what did you want to be when you grew up:</b> an olympic athlete and a world-renown dancer<br> <b>what would be your dream job now:</b> archeologist<br> <b>have you ever been convicted of a crime:</b> they tried but it didn't work.<br> <b>places you&#, i play online; canasta; pinochle and cribbage<br> <b>favorite hobbies:</b> genealogy and politics<br> <b>favorite sport to play:</b> it used to be water skiing before i blew out my knee.<br> <b>favorite sport to watch:</b> auto racing, my mother died last year at age 94.<br> <b>favorite place to chill:</b> sitting by my backyard pond.<br> <b>favorite place to visit:</b> yosemite, california - conneaut lake, pennsylvania - new york city<br> <b>what is your bad time of day:</b> early morning, i'm a night owl, ken follett, jumpin' jack flash, prince of tides, schindler's list<br> <b>favorite actors/actresses:</b> kurt russell, julia roberts<br> <b>favorite tv programs:</b> old reruns of "the nanny" and "jag" or anything about archeology on the discovery channel.<br> <b>favorite cartoon character:</b> howdy doody and flub-a-dub.<br> <b>favorite food:</b> shri, crab, anything hot and spicy<br> <b>chocolate or vanilla:</b> vanilla<br> <b>favorite ice cream:</b> pralines and cream<br> <b>favorite snapple:</b> i'm not sure i know what snapple is.<br> <b>favorite alcoholic drink:</b> long island ice tea<br> <b>what is, who knew?<br> <b>best friends:</b> michael and martha<br> <b>worst enemies:</b> my weasel ex and his psycho identity thieving bimbo/forger; the two sheriffs who attacked us and broke my back and put my 90 year old mother in the hospital on a respirator, they should rot in hell forever - no quarter, what i'm doing and if i feel like answering the phone. <br> <b>the first thing you think of in the morning:</b> wondering where the oil can is.<br> <b>favorite thing to do when you're home alone:</b> blog, liberals, anti-smokers, but i suffer vertigo from heights<br> <b>roller coasters - deadly or exciting:</b> deadly <br> <b>thunderstorms - cool or scary:</b> very very cool <br> <b>pen or pencil:</b> pen <br> <b>do you like to drive:</b> not really, but hey i live in california, what can i say? <br> <b>do you sleep with stuffed animals:</b> no, special mementoes from my kids. <br> <b>what words or phrases do you overuse:</b> "what a jerk!" usually referring to myself.<br> <b>coolest things anyone ever gave you:</b> a yellow rose, <p><font face="verdana"><font color="666666">genealogy, marijuana decriminalized and a winning lottery ticket.</font></p> <p><font face="verdana"><b>and just for fun:</b></font></p> <p><font face="verdana"><b><font size="2">nickname:</font></b><font size="2"> princess 'tude<br> <b>astrological sign:</b> taurus, college again. school of life is the best and only reliable teacher.<br> <b>occupation:</b> all job offers considered<br> <b>birthplace:</b> johnstown, nevada barr<br> <b>favorite book genre: </b>epic historical novels and intricate action spy novels.<br> <b>favorite book: </b>the one i'm reading.<br> <b>current book i'm reading: </b>my father my president by dora bush koch<br> <b>favorite magazi, that my father gave me for my 13th birthday in honor of becoming a teenager/young woman. he died 6 weeks later. <br> <b>how would you characterize your political leanings:</b> a <i>modified libertarian</i>.<b>*</b><br> <b>if you could pick one super-human, i said.</font><br> </font> <p><b><font face="verdana">* what being a modified libertarian means to me:</font></b></p> <p><font face="verdana">absolute belief that the bill of rights, which limits government and guarantees the rights of the individual, gives me the right to be biased against those (can you say liberals) who try to legislate my mind with their ridiculous political correctness and other huge government programs designed to control rather than enhance me as an individual. i strongly believ, and the right to keep what i earn and i think corporations are better equipped as business managers than the government ever could be. i believe in the right to own property and the right to be left alone on that property, should i desire to be left alone. i believe that the human conscience is the closest thing i can explain as being the "spirit of god" and that the absence of a conscience (or god or good) is the definition of evil. </font></p>
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They ought to make it mandatory that if you are headed for a combat zone, you can leave instructions as to whether your remains (God forbid) can be used for publicity purposes, which is all this is. It disgusts me.
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If Congress were under military justice, they would be court marshaled for dereliction of duty and sent to Leavenworth.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2009 on The Thousand Page Operation Order at BlackFive
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It is maddening. I'm saying the same thing about Vonage today. A week ago Thursday I received an email from Vonage saying they were sorry to lose me as a valued customer and that MY request for cancellation of services had been taken care of. I NEVER requested cancellation of services. I've used Vonage for 4 years, pay by automatic bill pay and my account was paid in advance a month. It has been a horrible nightmare. Not only did I have no home phone number, I found out that it was impossible to stop this cancellation. I was informed that my number had been transfered to a company called T-Mobile. I'd never heard of T-Mobile, although my son informed me they are a cell phone company. I've been with Verizon for 12 years and have had the same cell phone number all that time. I was told I would have to "sign up" again and they would be happy to assign me a NEW Vonage number. I did not and do not want a new number, I want my own number back. A number that is printed on checks, business cards and that all my vendors and credit card companies have on record, not to mention all my friends and family. After being transferred to no less than seven different techs and customer service reps, they said they would investigate and get back to me. Several days passed without hearing from them and then I got an email telling me "welcome aboard" Vonage, included a NEW Vonage number and an invoice for over $200 for equipment and set up. To say I went ballistic would be a massive understatement. I finally threatened legal action. As of today, I am informed that my number has been transferred back from T-Mobile and that the invoice has been reduced to $9.95. However, my service is still not restored and when I call for status, I'm told the NEW number, which is really my old number, has not resolved yet. They calling it "slamming," but no one at Vonage can explain why their business practices are so lax that they will give away a "valued customer's" phone number without any confirmation from the "valued customer" herself. Not only can they not tell me, they seem perturbed at the idea that I should even want to know. The general attitude is "sh!t happens."
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2008 on Note to GMAC Mortgage: Go To Hell at Free the Animal
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They believe they are victims because the Jesse and Al show keeps preaching what victims they are. These old, out of touch black leaders of an era past its usefulness don't want to give up their power over the poor and less fortunate. The best way to keep power is to convince the group that they are powerless without you. What sickens me is the 300 school buses sitting under water in New Orleans that Mayor Nagin could have ordered to be used to evacuate those without means or transportation and tens of thousands could have been saved from the flood waters. Instead those buses were left to sit and are now under many feet of water. You can see a picture at: It isn't that the white European culture is superior per se. However, the white European culture in this country descends from the risk takers and adventurers of their former cultures and they brought with them an independence of spirit and a strong desire to succeed on their own. They do not like government and mostly tolerate it because they have to. They don't want the governement interfering, even in times of great need. These are human traits that will rise to the top in any culture if allowed to do so. Unfortunately for the African Americans, their own leaders hold them back with a constant litany of victimhood and no concentrated effort to teach and encourage independence of thought and action. In fact, when one of their own does rise to the top, they are immediately denigrated as Uncle Toms and worse. And the last thing these leaders want is for the idea of personal responsibility to catch on in a big way in the black communities. Al, Jesse and Charlie would definitely have to find real jobs then. The Reverends would have been far more helpful had they said to "their people" (which is another thing that bugs me), "pick up a broom or a mop and clean up your own space and then turn and help the person next to you clean up their's." They could have said, "instead of looting food and water and then selling it to those too frail to fend for themselves, reach out." They could have been on the front lines before the storm helping to get people evacuated.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2005 on Observations at Free the Animal
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