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Wow. That is profoundly ignorant, and yes it is racist. Chris, you asked the question is this an example of Neo-Fascism? I would say yes it is, because it sounds to me like Helen does not accept the Bible as written history. If she did she would know that "Palestinians" do not own that land, they were nomads wandering the countryside, and the YHWH told the Israelites, His chosen people, to take that land as their own. It is the Israelites who then lost the land to other conquerers over the centuries. As for being occupied, I think Israel is "occupied" by Muslims and Palestinians who are the ones that do not belong there. It is the Muslims that built their mosque on the Temple Mount, as a symbol of conquest of the Jews, and it is the same group that wants to build a mosque in Manhattan near Ground Zero, as a symbol of their success on 9/11.
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Jun 5, 2010