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We worry about that, Mike. If the vaseline pit is more than three inches deep, one or both is likely to drown. Wait a minute, we're beginning to see the beauty of that scenario. xox WAM
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Mar 15, 2010
One hardly expects to be fist-raped at a BBQ. We have made a mental note: next time we're invited to a BBQ we'll have to specify that we don't wish to be fist-raped. xox WAM
well, if you've read the news story and the police report on TSG, apparently there was lots of blood involved. icky. xox WAM
Perhaps, Rambo. But we suspect Madame was up Wayland's backside just as often as the reverse. Really. Fisting a passed out dude at a bbq? Madame was a filthy old broad but she had way more decorum than Ms. McCarl. xox WAM
Gayle's vagina is like peeling an onion that way. xox WAM
excellent game! we're sure the girls will include it in the paperback edition. xox WAM
truly hilarious, rambo...we wish we'd thought of that joke. xox WAM's time to raise the draw bridge, lest she be forced to eject an alien from the airlock. xox WAM
why thank you, cubed...hope your week's off to a good start. xox WAM
Dear Jeffrey Ellis: WAM forwarded your heartfelt note. I'd like to say I missed you too, but fibbing is a sin. xox Aunt Betsy
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2009 on Ask Aunt Betsy: Let's Get Animal at Can O' Whup-Ass
@ rambosf: we were expecting the big-ass bow on her hat to spin when she hit the high notes. @ jwb cubed: you need to get in touch with aretha's peeps, as you are no doubt an expert on electrified garments. xox WAM
Winksi...are you wearing black today? Your wallet-sized photo of McCain tear-stained? Measured with double the yardstick by which Republicans deemed Bush worthy, Obama will no doubt do just fine. But he needs to bring his best game, and it starts tomorrow. RE: the gay pig sex orgy...we think it's spectacularly tacky. But it's Peter LaBarbera who publicized it. And make no mistake, he's a hateful nut in the first degree: think Reverend Fred Phelps. xox WAM
ugh, we'll have to rent the tux. unless you have a spare electric suit? xox WAM
@ chris c: thanks, we never tire of telling it. and it still makes my mom blush. AND...believe it or not, we think she still owns that pair of candy cane long johns. @ JWB cubed: we've never been to mardi gras...we should pop in on you one of these years. xox WAM
Why thank you JWB cubed...howz life down in nawlins? xox WAM
Howdy Jan...yes this was a Kodak moment. we probably would have brought the photo to the mall and had t-shirts made. xox WAM
we thought he did, til we did a quick web search...we guess they were all pit bulls. error noted and corrected. xox WAM
@ daisyfae: we like you. xox WAM
Indeed, Winks...although we suspect a meatgrinder and whatever cooties ms. modrate hosts are likely to have similar effects on a dude's hanes asp. xox WAM
Why thank you, Augusto. Praise duly noted and deserved. xox WAM
@ winksi: celebrity children are superior to yours, that's why. @ JE: we did not draw that. unleash your rapier art-critic tongue on sean preston federline. @ JWB cubed: we believe trig was depicting his mother whoring herself to the media, which is why she's brandishing a bible in one hand and her retarded baby in the other. xox WAM
hello augusto...the fact is, d-tel has come to look the way she does overdoing NOT letting herself go. The implants, the starvation, the sun tan. sheesh. xox WAM
JE! stinkman! yeah we're terrified they might burst. xox WAM
OMG, mongolian girl...we're going to steal that joke. xox WAM