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JUST LIKE THE OCEAN AND THE SKY IS BLUE COLORED HAS NO END AND IS APAARA AND ANANTHA, AGAADHA SRI KRISHNA(HINDU GOD) AND SRI RAMA(HINDU GOD) HAD THIS COLOR TO CONVEY THEIR INHERENT NATURAL PROPERTIES TO US. But why does they have blue skin, especially in a culture in which colors have deep significance? The answer is deceptively simple: blue is the dominant color in creation – the sky, lakes, rivers, the ocean – all are blue, and just as the blue in the American flag represents bravery, determination, selflessness, so for many millenniums has blue in Hindu culture come to symbolize these virtues. NORMAL HUMANS ARE BLACK, WHITE, BROWN BUT PARAMATMA(The almighty) IS NOT LIKE US. HE IS INDEED DIFFERENT. "KRISHNA'S(HINDU GOD) BODY IS THE COLOUR OF A ENCHANTINGLY BEAUTIFUL DARK RAINCLOUD. THIS IS BECAUSE WATER, SEEN AS THE BASE PRINCIPLE FOR LIFE AS WE KNOW IT ON EARTH,THE NOURISHER OF PLANTS AND ANIMALS ALIKE, THE VERY SUBSTANCE OF CYCLIC EXISTENCE. I think AVATAR ( ,like RAMAYANA and MAHABHARATHA is an epic story and James Cameron might have had all these in his mind while scripting the movie. There are so many other things that can be discussed like using Bow n Arrow as Na'vi weapons(the main weapon for lord RAMA), giving the lady character the name 'Naytiri' (means Eyes in sanskrit) ,Using long tails( Like Hanuman) for those Avatars and Flying huge birds (GARUDA PAKSHI in RAMAYANA) etc etc.......All these stuff i am talking is driven from Epics like RAMAAYANA and MAHABHARATHA pardon me if this is too much for the blog. James Cameron said in one of his interviews that he read all the above epics i mentioned.So i guess he might have applied some concepts from those epics in his great movie AVATAR.........
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Dec 30, 2009