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Thank you for the blog. ARB has fallen to the influence of the billionaire timber industry lobby. The current proposed rules also do not count soil carbon (in clearcutting they plow and rip the soil and spray herbicides - so it is of course convenient for the industry that they just forgot to include the scientifically called for accounting for soil carbon etc). Addditionaly SPI can just claim an area as a project then turn around and clearcut more of their 1.7 million acres to compensate - Voila!lots more emissions from clearcutting but no more carbon sequestered in the near term to help save our planet. What a slap in the face to all who voted NO on Prop 23 and trusted our state government to follow the science - not the money. Oh yes "Arnold" took a ton of money from SPI and was up at their compound etc. Guess Mary's arm is sortof twisted by Arnold - he needs to give SPI their last gift - his next to the last gift was to specifically reach out and eliminate Fish and Game positions of those people who were reviewing logging plans. Humm.
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Dec 14, 2010