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S Saunier
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As I have mentioned before with current CRE conditions the ROI for Centre Pointe is beyond 50 years. Most multimillion dollar investors want their ROI in 20 years or less. What bank would be foolish enough to dump $200 MIL to Dudley when his holding companies owed $108 MIL to Kentucky Central Life and he only had to pay $5MIL after bankrupting his holding companies? All of downtown Lexington was built by bankrupting Kentucky Central Life. Let us just say Joe has $20MIL, Dudley has $20MIL, now the two only need to find eight more suckers with $20MIL each. If Centre Pointe is such a great investment why are not international and local banks getting in on it? I guess you need a realistic cost benefit analysis and ROI forecast. Dudley might ask the Economics Departments at the UofK and UofL to produce these for him at zero cost?
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2010 on The CentrePointe Scam at Lowell's
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I can recall reading the entire cost benefit analysis for Centre Pointe and now we all know, as you did in the beginning, that it was complete fantasy. What is the current cost benefit analysis for Centre Pointe? According to current CRE Markets, the ROI for the new Centre Pointe ($200MIL plus $70MIL TIF??) is beyond fifty years (50 yrs). It also appears Dudley has numerous Centre Pointe Designs for each finance scenario. Let us recall : Dead Financier, Finance Plans A, B, C, and shut the hell up Lexington Citizens. Now Dudley is on his fifth finance scenario and construction will begin ninety days (90 days- standard Webb Unit) after financing is secured. Dudley and Joe will build something with their switch and bait technique. I do wish Dudley and Joe the best but I do not think the current economics of finance will support them with the Centre Pointe Project.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on The Tombstone at CentrePointe at Lowell's
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Jun 11, 2010