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I'm a serial Entrepologist ... currently consulting at BT as their Product Director of Web Services.
Interests: Entrepologist, Attention Trust, Ratings & Recommendations, MicroFormats, Ajax, L.A.M.P Servers, Blogging, B.A.I.T.S PR & Marketing strategy, Vecosys, Virtual Ecosystems, MBA, Liverpool FC, Tigers RFC, Podcasting, Jamcasting, Audio Blog Channels, Director, CEO, Running, Success, Branding, Positivity, Creative, Flexible, WOO, Competitive, Honesty, Trust, Serendipity, Fun, Comedy, Sophia & Gabriella, Gillian, Parents, Friends, HyperFocus, Cookham Dean, Loughborough Grammar School, Parachute Regiment, Sandhurst, Microsoft, Netscape