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It seems to me a lot of peeps on here still see the unemployed as the enemy, as you have been conditioned to think so by the government (tory or labour makes no difference). Many people on the dole work just 1 day per week less than you do, but instead of being being paid £10.5kpa at minimum wage for the hours worked by the employer, they are in fact paid £3.5kpa by the tax payer & the employer is paying nothing at all (& no guarantee you even get that, did you know you can be sanctioned for going to a job interview). Yet the guy on the dole is called the scrounger even though he's effectively contributing £7k pa to that company. Mass unemployment is good for capitalism & the employers, full employment is bad for them, because it gives the people too much power. Yes you could get sacked for being incompetant, crap, whatever, & walk into a job the next day (at least until you screwed that up too). In the mid 80s my first full time job paid £3.4kpa, by the start of the 90s I was earning £20kpa, by the end of the 90s I was on £40kpa, in the early 2000s this dropped back to £20kpa, back up to £40kpa just before the 2008 crash which put me out of work. Some time later after using all my savings I found myself on the dole, couldnt get a job for love nor money (partly bad luck an RTA put me in hospital for almost a year, & a few years travelling didnt help). Hey presto I got sent out on workfare to my old job that should have paid £40kpa but for only £3.5k paid by the tax payer instead of the company that got it completely for free. Whilst there, 3 full timers were laid off & replaced by 4 free people from the dole. For the employer mass unemployment is a good thing. Why should they pay someone £40k (or perhaps even more by getting into a bidding war with the other company that also wants them) when instead they can have them for nothing. & the guy doing the job has to accept the paltry £3.5k because if he objects he gets nothing at all, no access to food water shelter healthcare courts. The fact is people do want full employment but the peoples voice is never heard, & those not at the bottom of the pile are only too happy to join in screaming take away their rights blame those at the bottom, whilst at the same time wanting their own rights fully protected. We need guaranteed basic income now. There is going to be huge problems in just a few short years with massive civil unrest, not because the people will finally rise up & fight for their rights, but because there is about to be mass unemployment on an unprecedented scale. We have driverless cars being tested, & now some driverless lorries too, soon enough commercially it will be the lorries that go fully driverless way before the cars do, & when that happens huge numbers of lorry drivers will be out of work with no other jobs to go to, & with the knock on effect it will have on those around them. Lets hope you guys are not too near the bottom of the pile, because it looks like within the next year this government will be hassling those of you not working full time, you'll get to jump through the same hoops as those on the dole. Pray you dont get ill, the sick & disabled are already dying in their thousands right now, with with nary a whimper from the mass media.
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Apr 24, 2016