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> Außenpolitik unter Carter [...] Abbruch der diplomatischen Beziehungen mit einem > Verbündeten (Taiwan) und Aufbau selbiger mit einem potentiellen Gegner (China) Der amerikanische Präsident, der als erster diplomatische Beziehungen mit der Volksrepublik China aufnahm, war die liberale Taube Richard Nixon. Hab ja schon immer gewußt, dass der ein verkappter Kommunist war! Und an der diplomatischen Nichtanerkennung Taiwans hat bis heute kein US-Präsident gerüttelt. Weder Reagan, noch George Bush, noch George W. Bush haben offizielle diplomatische Beziehungen mit Taiwan aufgenommen. Aber lasst euch nicht von Fakten aufhalten...
Just found this blog, and in some way it's entertaining. However, your "Medienkritik" leaves room for improvement. First of all, you might want to distinguish between news reporting and editorial content. The latter is frequently expected to express an opinion. Therefore the vast majority of newspaper readers is aware that such a piece is opinionated and biased in some way or another. Now, it has probably not escaped your notice that this thing that you were blogging about here is a cartoon. Cartoons are usually editorial, not news reporting. Furthermore, cartoons are often humorous. "Humorous" means something like "not entirely serious", or even "not serious at all". In short: If your proof for the Great German Anti-American Media Bias conspiracy theory hinges on an at most half serious editorial-and-therefore-inevitably-biased cartoon, well, then your case might not be a very strong one. On a more serious note, apparently the quality of the media ultimately depends not only on the quality of journalism, but also on the quality of the audience. Most Germans I know would be able to correctly identify above cartoon as a silly joke, and therefore not take it too serious. Somehow you, dear blogger, failed to make that abstraction. Perchance because it seemed to support your preconceived notion of the evil, biased Süddeutsche newspaper? I will concede this much: If you compare the full breadth of german media (including such rags as Bildzeitung) with the full breadth of american media (including respectable newspapers rather than focusing on the Fox network), the german media win at most by a small margin. However, what is the result when you compare german and american audiences? Most of the Americans I know are just as intelligent and educated as the Germans I know. Yet the US also harbor people who apparently enjoy following the antics of "pundits" like Ann Coulter. Who are these people who listen to her when she makes outrageous suggestions such as "we should bomb Canada"? This group of people, who hang on every word of aggressively and obviously unreasonable pundits, seems to be largely nonexistent amongst german audiences. Anyway, if you are truly concerned about german anti-americanism, maybe your time would be better spent educating this fraction of the american people, as they seem to account for much of what I have heard of the "ugly american" stereotype. Note from David: Glad to hear that anti-Americanism in Germany is practically non-exisiting - only an invention of some paranoid, conspiracy believing blogs such as this one. Couldn't you have told us this back in 2003, when we started this blog? I mean, we would have saved so much time and energy...